Test the spirits brothers and sisters in Christ. Mathew 24. Many false prophets are rising in these end times!

I just revisited her channel on 11/13/22 and I am thoroughly disgusted. I added the following comment to her video, which I’m sure she will delete, but you can read it here.

“Such arrogance, bitterness, and condescending tone coming from you, speaking down to your subscribers like an angry mother scolding her children. Shame on you.”

This death prophet’s latest prophecy, as of November 2022, is that God will cause these false prosperity tv preachers to drop dead, in droves, on the pulpit. Of course she didnt provide an expiration date, so the prophecy can not be proven wrong if it doesn’t happen. We’ll see.

(Cont’d from several months ago)
My first impression was that Celestial is a false prophet and I explained why in this post, which I have since deleted.

I welcomed those with other views to explain why they disagreed with me.

A couple of brothers and sisters in Christ took the time to write in detail their views, which I shared in the comments below and their well thought out comments caused me to revisit the Master’s Voice for further study.

So far, the info I have found has caused me to vacillate my view. I agree with some of her info such as the shape of earth and vaccines on her website, and I believe her words on these topics to be true.

So I give thanks to my brothers and sisters in Christ who took the time to comment their views. I challenge you to study her work, and feel free to comment your findings below.

Is it possible that her dreams are not from God but a result of hundreds of hours of her watching sci-fi movies over the years?

Are her prophecies coming true or are they presented in such a vague manner that it’s impossible to confirm?

God bless you all in these last days. May you find peace in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Celestial on the Vaccine