One need not be a scientist to understand  government Climate Change ‘science’

Only common sense and an open mind is required. Look behind the headlines.

If you were a scientist, which door would you choose?

Door One : Create scientific research to support government climate change claims.

  • A billion dollars of gov’t research funds granted to scientists that can support government climate change narrative
  • lifetime academic tenure
  • guaranteed career success
  • praise by media and in publications
  • prestigious awards
  • high salary and benefits
  • generous retirement pension

Door Two : Create climate change scientific research that may not support govt claims

  • No research funding grants
  • public ridicule and humiliation
  • loss of tenure
  • loss of job

So when they say, ‘the science is settled because 95% of the scientific community is onboard’,  think again.

Who should we believe?

a) scientists towing party line to gain fame, fortune, tenure and pension


b) the brave scientific souls who seek only truth, with nothing to gain and everything to lose, risking poverty and public humiliation

Who do you believe?

More Fun Climate Change Trivia

  • Earth surface temp is 9/10 of 1 degree Celsius warmer than it was 100 years ago
  • There were two periods of warming – one in the early 20th century could not have been caused by humans because we hadn’t put enough co2 in the air

  • The 2nd warming period, in late 20th century, slows down or ends in late 1990’s,  depending on which scientist you listen to, resumed with El Nino in the last couple of years

    This means that 1/2 of the 9/10 of 1 degree C increase may be caused by greenhouse gasses

    The theory is correct. The greenhouse gas effect is real,  but the computer model is wrong

  • Core drilling in 2011 in Antartica revealed the earth was 2 degrees celsius warmer than it is today!
  • There has been no warming in the last twenty years, and they dont know why.
  • Earth’s climate has routinely changed for the past several billion years and will likely continue to do so regardless of what we do.
  • There are 32 Govt Computer Models used by the United Nations, each govt sponsored, all are predicting far too much warming, the huge disparity between the govt model predictions and what actually happens continues to grow.

    They are actually in some cases predicting up to 7 times more warming than is actually occurring.

  • The models don’t work. A massive amount of policy was put in place by Obama, justified by inaccurate climate change models.

  • If world leaders truly believe govt predictions of a 10 foot or more rise in water level in the next 30 years, this would drastically change financial investment worldwide.
  • Since many countries will be under water, financial institutions would not be lending money for real estate development in London, or condos in Florida, but they do.
  • 30 year mortgages would not be available, but they are.
  • Real estate investment prospectuses would be changed to reflect the coming property devastation, but they are not.

Climate Change FAQ’s

  1. Is greenhouse gas effect real?  Yes
  2. Is greenhouse gas something that will dramatically reshape our world?
    There is no evidence to suggest it will.
  3. Is greenhouse gas something we can stop? There is no evidence to suggest we can.