eBay fraudulent seller Jadashats-us

eBay fraudulent seller Jadashats-us is a great example of the Coronavirus Covid-19 scams that are allowed to run rampant on eBay.

Jadashats-us also has an Australia branch which uses Jadashats-au. So avoid both companies at all costs.


Anatomy of Coronavirus eBay Scam

1. Thousands of Fake ebay Seller Reviews

Seller Fraudulent eBay seller, Jadashats-us & Jadashats-au, starts the Corona scam by displaying thousands of fake, bought and paid for , eBay reviews to develop buyer trust.Notice in screenshot below, eBay allows this seller to have 59,958 fake reviews.  If anyone were to follow up and check out these ebay reviews, you would quickly determine that they are fraudulent reviews. It is very easy to purchase fake ebay reviews. eBay does not monitor them or filter out the fakes.


Coronovirus scam ebay seller jadashats-us

2. Fraudulent eBay Item Description

Fraudulent eBay seller, Jadashats-us & Jadashats-au, then creates a fraudulent eBay item description. See screenshot below:
Coronovirus scam ebay seller jadashats-us item description

Coronavirus eBay scammer, Jadashats-us & Jadashats-au, offers a case of six 28oz packages of rice for $21.95, which is about $1.50 per pound, the going rate for this rice.

3. Seller Bait & Switch

Coronavirus eBay scammer, Jadashats-us & Jadashats-au, seller ships only one 28oz package, which is about $15 per pound or ten times the going rate for the rice.

4. Scam Seller Refuses to Honor Description

Upon receipt of only one of the promised six packages of rice, and after reporting it to the Coronavirus eBay seller, Jadashats-us, the seller informs buyer that they will not honor the description.  The seller offers only to refund the purchase. Of course, seller offers no apology, and refuses to send the additional promised 5 bags. Seller offers no return shipping assistance or direction.

5. eBay Turns a Blind Eye To Coronavirus Seller Fraud

After reporting the incident to eBay, eBay ignores the case with no response. No help from eBay. Buyers beware. You’re on your own.

6. Coronavirus eBay Seller Scam Finale

Coronavirus eBay fraud seller, Jadashats-us, knows that the buyer is not going to go to the expense and trouble of shipping 1 small package of rice back and incurring additional expense trying to get the $21 refund.

So the buyer posts a negative eBay review and forgets about it. Seller hopes buyer lets it go, and seller keeps rolling. Thousands of these $21 scam sales quickly add up to huge profit for the scammer.

Once the buyer posts the negative review, it doesn’t appear due to the 6,000 bogus positive ebay seller reviews that currently display, so the scam seller can continue the nefarious activity indefinitely.

Coronavirus Covid-19 eBay Scams

Buyers beware! Coronavirus Covid-19 eBay scams are running rampant on eBay.

I decided to take a couple of hours writing this article, not to get my $21 back, but to make the public aware of what’s going on, because you will never see the negative review that I leave.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of these fraudulent transactions taking place on eBay everyday, and the public is not being made aware or given a forum to share their experience.

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