The ‘Indoctrinated’ are all too willing to Sacrifice Alcoholics Anonymous on the Alter of Covid

AA began with one alcoholic sitting at a table and talking to another in 1935, and in-person meetings has been the cornerstone and foundation of the program ever since.

The success of the in-person AA meeting format is astounding. Today, an A.A. presence can be found in approximately 180 nations worldwide, with membership estimated at over two million.

There are more than 118,000 A.A. groups around the world and A.A.’s literature has been translated into languages as diverse as Afrikaans, Arabic, Hindi, Nepali, Persian, Swahili, and Vietnamese, among many others.

Most doctors and hospitals now recommend drug and alcohol addiction patients to attend AA meetings because it is proven to be the most effective treatment.

AA’s tremendous success for helping alcoholics and drug addicts ( in the last several decades ) is due in large part to the absence of government, and any hierarchical structure. As the tradition states, there are no leaders, everyone is a trusted servant and each group is independent.


Using the Covid excuse in March of 2020, government intervenes, imposing fear and mandates on churches, and churches close meetings. Government closes businesses, rocketing unemployment, but keeping liquor stores open, thereby creating the perfect storm of destruction.

Alcoholics and addicts trying to acquire or maintain sobriety attempt to hold meetings outdoors, and scramble to create online meetings. Bad weather, lack of privacy and further government intervention severely limit outdoor meetings.

Online ‘Zoom’ meetings are at best a poor substitute for the in-person meetings which have been the bedrock of AA since its inception, and are not nearly as effective as in-person meetings.

In recent months, a few churches have opened meeting rooms imposing masking and distancing rules, but this brings social isolation behaviors into the meetings. You cant read facial expressions, get close to anyone, or give and receive those warm hugs that were once a big part of healing.

These new social alienating behaviors serve to amplify fear, and in effect, bring social isolation back into the meetings. We all know that social isolation is deadly for people battling addiction.

Closed church rooms, masking and distancing , as well as online meetings, is poison to AA. With 118,000 AA groups in 180 nations, poisoning AA destroys many lives. Many families are being destroyed as loved ones turn back to alcohol and drugs.

Mothers and fathers are losing children to overdoses, and children are losing parents, as they try to cope with addiction without an adequate recovery program or with an anemic one at best.

The absence of govt allowed AA, and the emotional well being of an enormous population, to thrive, conversely govt intervention in 2020 is killing AA and destroying families in huge numbers all over the world.


There may still be time left if we move quickly to reverse the devastation that has been allowed to occur. The solution is simple. Churches need to open their rooms back up for meetings, without govt imposed masking or distancing requirements immediately. End of story.

In the beginning, many people who are suffering from virus fear will choose not to attend in-person meetings. That’s fine. As free people, our health decisions should be made by the individual, not by a bureaucrat or church. After a short time, the fearful souls will garner the courage to begin attending meetings again.

“We’ll know our disinformation is complete, when everything the American public believes is false.”
William Casey | CIA Director 1981

Churches should only obey almighty God, and not submit to unconstitutional govt mandates. When the bible, in Romans 13 instructs us to submit to our leaders, we are supposed to submit to Godly authorities only, not to the authority of evil dictators.

Tyranny is when government restricts the movement of healthy people such as is occurring right now. It’s time for fearful churches and fearful people to get a backbone and trust God.

Jesus wasn’t walking around handing out roses. He was speaking out against government and evil, which is precisely what lead to Jesus’ death.

Cowardice asks the question – Is it safe?
Vanity asks the question – Is it popular?
But conscience asks the question – Is it right?

There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor popular; but one must choose it because it’s the right thing to do.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing! When you let governments do whatever they want, eventually you get Auschwitz.

The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes, such as “Keeping You Safe”.

Our Mission

To support and encourage churches to do the right thing, open up without government restrictions, and once again serve God and community.

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Let us pray that churches will do what’s right now, and please help share this message to save lives.