“How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!” – Mark Twain


The good that came out of the plandemic is that we began to question what we have been told about everything, and we had more time than usual to do research. We learned that the main stream media is a propaganda arm for it’s controllers, they provide very little truth or information of value, and that we must look elsewhere for information. As we began digging for useful information, we ran into a brick wall of censorship on most major platforms such as Twitter, Google, Youtube and Facebook. At this point red flags were popping up everywhere. Why are they censoring information preventing the free flow of ideas and information? Something really stinks here.

Plandemic – I began researching the plandemic. There were a few doctors, scientists and experts in the medical community brave enough to speak out against the narrative. As we dug, we found alternative sources of info with freedom of thought and expression, and brave experts began disclosing their research and experiences. We soon discovered that everything we have been told, by the agencies and medical establishment that we thought we could trust, was not true.

Having discovered everything they told us about covid, vaccines and masks was a lie, new questions arise. What else are they lying about and why are all the major platforms and governments pushing the lies and censoring truth?

CIA & FBI – During the period before Trump was elected, information was surfacing regarding the corruption in CIA and FBI. Day after day, info kept coming out and it became obvious that these agencies were totally corrupt, controlled by evil forces.

The Occult History of NASA:AEON of HORUS – Since its inception in 1958 the truth of NASA’s occult origins has been discretely hidden from public awareness; origins linked to perhaps the most “wicked” of all occult practitioners in modern history, Satanist, Aleister Crowley. The mighty pillars of scientific certainty that NASA supposedly sits upon are actually satanic black magicians of the occult. … All the elements were in place to create one of the greatest financial and theological frauds in human history-NASA.
Nasa Occult Roots Article

Elections – We always assumed elections were truthful, vote counting was accurate and honest. However, we watched the presidential election stolen right before our very eyes. Our research confirmed an entire secret, corrupt industry exists to cheat elections and control outcome. We now understand our votes are not counted and elections in America are entirely rigged.

Globe vs Flat Earth – Like you, I have loved and respected the globe since childhood. I always accepted what we were told by the so called experts that we lived on a spinning ball.  I knew nothing about it. I just trusted the science. In late 2019, I heard some wild flat earth claim, and I suppose out of boredom I decided to have another look. The bible says many times the earth is stationary, but they say earth is spinning. Who is right? So I started digging. First thing I noticed was a brick wall of censorship on all the major media platforms. Strange.

Why the censorship?  So I studied the Heliocentric theory and it defied all logic and common sense. The proponents use ‘gravity’ as an explanation for everything that makes no sense. Water cant cling to a spinning ball. We detect no curvature or movement of earth. Technology makes it easy to prove there is no curvature. Nasa takes $60 million per day, more then enough to incentivize corruption. After studying the pagan, Jesuit and Freemason roots of the Helio theory I realized it was all lies.

I studied dozens of subtopics for hundreds of hours and it became evident the bible is correct, man is lying. The Helio theory crumbles upon close inspection, and the bible’s account of earth holds true. Over 240 verses in the bible support God’s stationary level plain earth under the firmament with sun and moon orbiting earth. It’s a fascinating topic and I could go on for hours on it, but being convinced, Im now trying to wake others up and moving on. What else are they lying about?

GLOBE VS FLAT EARTH VIDEOS – Do your own research

How Flat Earth Works – Eric Dubay

Flat Earth Journey – Taboo Conspiracy

Emergency Landings Proving FE

Lose The Wisdom of The World

NASA Official Confession

Lasers Prove Flat Earth

The Final Card

Evolution – Man came from monkeys, from a big bang is so ridiculous. It’s a lie.

Dinosaurs – Same story. Do the research. Museums filled with fake dinosaurs, bones made of plastic, and created from abstract artistic designs with no foundation in truth. Story after story of scams, lies, corruption and profiteering. Nope. Dinosaurs never existed. Its a hoax.

Giants – Giants did exist, were plentiful and confirmed to exist in the bible. Real giants bones were found all over the world and they are censored from museums, and hidden from public.

911 – I believed the 911 narrative we were given for many years. I could never believe that our leaders that we trust could have done such an evil. Of course, upon close inspection the narrative crumbles. It was all a lie. 911 was a preplanned event carried out by our leaders, an inside job.

Moon Landing – No. Never happened. Totally fake. Amazing moon landing debunk video by Bart Sibrel:      https://rumble.com/v29a8fu-moon-landing-hoax-bart-sibrel.html

Nuclear Bombs – Was is it all a lie to control us through fear?  This Nuclear Bomb Hoax video provides evidence that will open your eyes to the lie. Dont miss the end of the video. There is a good summary of all the lies there.  https://rumble.com/v29a8zk-nuclear-bomb-hoax.html

Trump the Savior – I believed Trump was working for God to try and save this country. I later had a rude awakening when I learned that Trump is a trojan horse, controlled opposition, a social influencer, being used by the controllers to control the minds of conservatives and Christians.  Most of my friends still maintain this belief.

Did they tell us the truth about anything? I havent found anything yet, but Im still looking.

Truth – Truth is found in the word of God. Jesus Christ is the way, truth and life, and nobody comes to the Father except through the Son.