“How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!” – Mark Twain


We visited NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center in Greenbelt, Maryland hoping that they could explain why they believe earth is a flying, spinning ball. Check it out.


Globe Religion – If you’re a flying, spinning ball believer, you’re a believer and religious disciple of government. You believe in the govts version of who, what you are, and where you came from. The govt’s mission is to disprove God and the Bible, and lift themselves up as gods. I respect your faith, but don’t share it because govt has a track record of selling lies and deceit. We can see too far now with modern technology, and can easily prove earth’s curvature and rotation doesn’t exist, and NASA, satan’s soldier, is lying about everything.

What Makes Sense?
When you compare God’s simple creation, the flat earth enclosed by the firmament, to Satan’s spinning ball, confused heliocentric model, the only model that makes sense is God’s flat, stationary earth. God is NOT the author of confusion… only satan, the father of lies causes confusion.

The power of institutionalized conformity is such that even the most educated become nothing but mere parrots of their institutions. Will you allow yourself to question your indoctrination or will you hold fast to your comfortable conformity?

Why The Lie?
The grand deception of spinning ball earth (flying through infinite space), along with big bang and evolution, was created to disprove God, and usher in the era of man. This deception results in lost souls not knowing who they are, where they come from, or their purpose in life. Forces of evil can’t rule God’s creation, so they had to invent an artificial creation to remove the true God.

Govt and academia purposely deleted the biblical teachings of creation, heaven above and hell below, as well as the salvation of man through Jesus Christ, so that govt can instead lift themselves up as gods.

They taught us we are insignificant parasites descended from a primordial ooze, spinning out of control on a ball rocketing through space. But now we know better, and finally have a chance to break the chains that enslave us. This is why it’s so important not to be deceived by it.



1) LEVEL Water: Water ALWAYS seeks level. Water cannot be proven to stick to a ball, much less a spinning ball. Since water always seeks its level, how’s it possible that water can be sticking to a spherically shaped earth?

2) LEVEL Horizon: The Horizon is ALWAYS at eye-LEVEL and horizontal, aka FLAT, no matter the altitude. Weather balloons have been sent up 20 miles above the face of the earth and footage captured testifies to this reality.

3) Aircraft never accounts for motion of earth: Airplanes, helicopters, and drones never have to account for the alleged motion of the earth. Hence, the earth is
stationary and fixed.

4) Railroad track and Bridges: Whenever railroad track is laid or a bridge is constructed, never do the blueprints suggest or even hint that the alleged curvature of the earth should be considered, including, when built over water.

5) Airplanes and Submarines: Never does an airplane or submarine have to account for the alleged curvature of the earth during their navigation. If the earth had curvature then an adjustment of 8 inches per mile squared (spherical trigonometry) must be taken into account during navigation of both an airplane and a submarine, however, never are adjustments made for curvature.

6) GRAVITY “Theory” (aka hoax): Gravity has NEVER been proven, however, what has been proven is density and buoyancy. Density and buoyancy are the natural regulators God has put into place that dictates what rises and what falls based upon the medium(s) the object is within.

The Heliocentric Universe model is from man, NOT God.

The earth is stationary and FLAT because God’s Word is “ALWAYS Faithful and True!”
(Rev. 19:11)”

Flat Earth Bible Verses

There are over 240+ Bible verses for the geocentric stationary and Flat Earth universe model.

There is NOT 1 scripture, when used in context, which supports a spherically shaped earth or an earth that spins or moves.

Nathan Roberts, Author of The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth: A Comprehensive Biblical Perspective.

Does the Bible indicate that earth is a round spinning ball travelling fast through space?

Or does the Bible indicate otherwise?

How can a spinning rotating ball at 66,600 mph ‘never be moved’?

9 Bible Verses say the earth DOES NOT move, instead, the earth is fixed, stable, and established: 1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 33:9, Psalm 93:1, Psalm 96:10, Psalm
104:5, Psalm 119:89-90, Isaiah 14:7, Isaiah 45:18, and Zechariah 1:11.

“He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.”
Psalm 104:5

“Tremble before him, all the earth! The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved”. 1Chron 16:30

How can a spinning rotating ball have ‘four corners’?

“He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel; he will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four quarters of the earth. “
Isa 11:12

How can a spinning rotating ball have ‘four corners’?

“After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree.”
Rev 7:1

How can God sit above a spinning rotating ball at 66,600 mph?

“He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in”.
Isa 40:22

A suspended earth isn’t a spinning rotating ball.

“He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing. “
Job 26:7

A ball has no ‘ends of earth’

“He views the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens.”
Job 28:24

A spinning rotating ball has no ‘firm pillars”

“When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm.”
Psalm 75:3

A spinning rotating ball is not ‘firm and secure”

“The LORD reigns, he is robed in majesty; the LORD is robed in majesty and armed with strength; indeed, the world is established, firm and secure.”
Psalm 93:1

Earth Created Before the Sun: Genesis 1:1-19

Universe is Complete, NOT ever expanding: Genesis 2:1

Earth Measurements Unknown: Job 38:4-5, Job 38:18, Jeremiah 31:37, Proverbs 25:3

Earth is a Disk/Circle, not a ball: Isaiah 40:22, Proverbs 8:27, Job 38:13-14

Earth Measured with a Line, not a curve: Job 38:4-5

Extremely Large Area of Land is FLAT, no curvature: Ezekiel 45:1

NOTE: Ezekiel 45:1 represents a length of approximately 52 miles and a width of approximately 20 miles without any CURVATURE, only FLAT.

A “PLAIN” can’t exist on a ball, only a “FLAT/LEVEL” surface, of which, Jesus stood upon: Luke 6:17

Paths are Straight, not curved: 1 Samuel 6:12, Psalm 5:8, Psalm 27:11, Isaiah 40:3, Jeremiah 31:9, Matthew 3:3, Mark 1:3, Luke 3:4, John 1:23, Acts 16:11, Acts 21:1, Hebrews 12:13

Waters are Straight, not curved: Job 37:10

Earthquakes shake Earth, and does not move: 2 Samuel 22:8, Isaiah 13:13, Revelation 6:12-13

Earth is fixed and immovable: 1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 33:9, Psalm 93:1, Psalm 96:10, Psalm 104:5, Psalm 119:89-90, Isaiah 14:7, Isaiah 45:18, Zechariah 1:11, Hebrews 11:10, 2 Peter 3:5

“Be still, and know that I am God”: Psalm 46:10 (To understand “why” this scripture was added to this page, click here.)

Earth has Pillars, and hangs on nothing: 1 Samuel 2:8, Job 9:6, Job 26:7, Psalm 75:3

Earth has a Face (a geometrical flat surface): Genesis 1:29, Genesis 4:14, Genesis 6:1, Genesis 6:7, Genesis 7:3, Genesis 7:4, Genesis 8:9, Genesis 11:8, Genesis 11:9, Genesis 41:56, Exodus 32:12, Exodus 33:16, Numbers 12:3, Deuteronomy 6:15, Deuteronomy 7:6, 1 Samuel 20:15, 1 Kings 13:34, Job 37:12, Psalm 104:30, Jeremiah 25:26, Jeremiah 28:16, Ezekiel 34:6, Ezekiel 38:20, Ezekiel 39:14, Amos 9:6, Amos 9:8, Zechariah 5:3, Luke 12:56, Luke 21:35

Waters have a Face (a geometrical flat surface): Genesis 1:2, Genesis 7:18, Job 38:30

In reference to Genesis 1:2, have you ever heard of the abyssal plains? Abyssal plains cover more than 50% of earth. Also they are some of the flattest smoothest areas on earth. It is impossible for the abyssal plains to cover more than 50% of the earth and for the earth to be a sphere, perhaps, the earth is “flat?”

Sky has a Face (a geometrical flat surface): Matthew 16:3, Luke 12:56

Earth has Ends: Deuteronomy 28:49, Deuteronomy 28:64, Deuteronomy 33:17, 1 Samuel 2:10, Job 37:3, Job 38:13, Psalm 46:9, Psalm 48:10, Psalm 59:13, Psalm 61:2, Psalm 65:5, Psalm 67:7, Psalm 72:8, Psalm 98:3, Psalm 135:7, Proverbs 8:29, Proverbs 17:24, Proverbs 30:4, Isaiah 5:26, Isaiah 26:15, Isaiah 40:28, Isaiah 41:5, Isaiah 41:9, Isaiah 42:10, Isaiah 43:6, Isaiah 45:22, Isaiah 48:20, Isaiah 49:6, Isaiah 52:10, Jeremiah 10:13, Jeremiah 16:19, Jeremiah 25:31, Jeremiah 25:33, Jeremiah 51:16, Daniel 4:22, Micah 5:4, Zechariah 9:10, Matthew 12:42, Luke 11:31, Acts 13:47

Earth has 4 Corners/Quarters: Jeremiah 9:26, Jeremiah 25:23, Isaiah 11:12, Ezekiel 7:2, Ecclesiastes 1:6, Revelation 7:1, Revelation‬ ‭20:8

NOTE: If you need help understanding how 4 corners exist on a circle, click here.

The (1) Firmament/Dome/Vaulted Dome, and expanse created thereby and upon where God’s throne exists: Genesis 1:6-8, Genesis 1:14-18, Genesis 1:20, Genesis 7:11, Genesis 8:2, Job 9:8, Job 26:7, Job 28:24, Job 37:3, Job 37:18, Psalm 19:1, Psalm 148:4, Psalm 150:1, Proverbs 8:28, Isaiah 40:22, Isaiah 42:5, Isaiah 44:24, Isaiah 45:12, Isaiah 48:13, Ezekiel 1:22-26, Ezekiel 10:1, Daniel 12:3, Amos 9:6, Acts 7:56, Revelation 4:6, Revelation 6:14



All ancient civilizations believed in a stationary, level plane earth under the firmament as depicted in the Bible. Only in the last two hundred years has a new Heliocentric theory been widely accepted.

Helio has been programmed into our minds since early childhood and we accept it without question even though our senses, and our common sense reject it.

Many have researched flat earth with skepticism seeking to prove it wrong, only to come to the inevitable conclusion that we do in reality live on a level/flat immovable earth.

This is without doubt the single biggest expose of truth that has been rediscovered in the last 200 years.

At the very beginning of the whole globe earth theory, Eratosthenes first tried to get the theory of heliocentrism (sun centered universe) accepted, but it was not.

Then some time later Copernicus, a Jesuit trained astronomer, re-introduced the theory of a heliocentric universe, and the Jesuit Vatican pushed the Copernican model.

It is important to understand that one of the reasons Rome pushed Helio, other than to counter Martin Luther’s Reformation, was due to the history of the Knights Templar, Rome’s military order.

The Knights Templar picked up Biblical beliefs in Kabbalah (Israel), Eastern Gnostic Mysticism (India), and magik (Egypt – book of the dead) along their journeys.

The descendants of the Templars, the Jesuit Order, are another military order serving Rome, and are the key influencers behind the Helio theory being widely accepted.

Having already been influenced by the occult of Gnosticism and the mystery religions, the sun worshipping Jesuits, placed the sun in the center of the theory.

The theory of heliocentrism opened the door for infinite space, and the possibility of alien life on infinite planets in infinite galaxies, which gave birth to Charles Darwin’s (Freemason) theory of evolution.

However, for Helio to become cemented in the minds of the masses, and to explain how trillions of gallons of water could cling to a spinning ball, Isaac Newton, another Freemason, created the theory of gravity.

Newton wrote pages upon pages of convoluted equations to try to prove the gravity theory, but fell flat.

A theoretical Freemason physicist, Albert Einstein, was tasked to create a believable mathematical formula to buttress the theory that Newton, Copernicus, and Rome had already committed to.

Therefore Einstein created a complicated, far reaching supplementary theory, the theory of relativity.

The end result is a theory, that required another theory, that gave birth to a theory, that was supported by yet another theory, to be conclusively “proven” by a theory.

At no stage has any concrete proof ever been offered. Not so much as an iota of hard scientific method empirical evidence has ever been provided to support any of these theories, yet the world accepts them as fact.

Fact is, there is no globe earth. There is no gravity, only the law of density is needed to describe objects lighter than air rising, and heavier than air falling. There is no evolution.

We live on a level plane earth, immovable, stationary, proven by hard empirical scientific method evidence, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

We live on a level motionless earth with a domed firmament set on foundations and supported by pillars . The dome is sealed at the bottom by the 360 degree Antarctic ice wall where it attaches to the foundations, acting as a type of gasket.

The entire system is then sealed within a crystal ball of water. This is the picture of God’s crystal ball through which He sees everything. “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:”- Isaiah 40:22

The truth has been intentionally hidden from the masses in order to control them, and keep them from God.

Flat Earth is the death of the heliocentric solar system, evolution, dinosaurs, multiple galaxies, aliens, space travel and everything associated with it (Freemason NASA,JAXSA, astronomical societies,Jesuit university space/astronomy programs, ect).


GLOBE VS FLAT EARTH VIDEOS – Do your own research

How Flat Earth Works – Eric Dubay

Flat Earth Journey – Taboo Conspiracy

Emergency Landings Proving FE

Lose The Wisdom of The World

NASA Official Confession

Best Moon Landing Debunk

The Final Card

Heliocentrism. The idea that we all live on a tilted wobbling ball that spins at over 1,000 mph (faster than the speed of sound) while we travel around a sun that’s 93 million miles away at a speed of over 66,000 mph. All while the sun hurtles through the Milky Way at over 500,000 mph and the Milky Way blasts through an infinite never ending space at speeds up to 670 million mph. We were raised to believe this pseudoscience lie before we could read.

Heliocentrism is a religion. A religion backed by no scientific proof, and created by freemasons.

Heliocentrism in reality is sun worship, and formulated to hide our Creator. We live on a geocentric plane under the firmament which is scientifically proven.

We are the center of God’s universe, and He is the center of ours.

God’s perfect creation is described word for word in the Bible. He is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. It is finished. The earth stands still!

Gravity doesn’t exist. The Gravity theory was created out of thin air to justify the insane heliocentric model lies. The laws of Density and Buoyancy explain why objects fall and rise, not gravity.

Roman Catholicism – Sun Worship
Pagan Holidays – Sun Worship
NASA – Sun Worship
Statue of Liberty – Sun Worship – Light Bearer
Illuminati – Sun Worship
Freemasons – Light Bearers – Lucifer
New World Order – Worship Satan

Sun Worship – Lucifer – Light Bearer

We’ve been born into a world ruled by Satan. The father of lies.

Mystery Babylon

Come Out of Her

Jesus Is The Way, The Truth, And The Life.

Matthew 13:9
Matthew 6:33
Romans 3:4
Leviticus 26:1
Exodus 20:4

the heliocentric model and its ‘science’ was originated entirely by occultists

The Strange History of Science: Heliocentrism, NASA & Evolution

Even Aleister Crowley had a hand in on JPL (Jet Propulsion Labratories – the precursor to NASA) via Jack Parsons (a priest in Aleister’s Secret Society called “Ordo Templi Orientis”.

AEON of HORUS: The Occult History of NASA

Copernicus was influenced by the writings of Hermes, who claimed to be a descendant of the actual god Hermes (Hermes Trismegistus).

Galileo’s “fight with the church” is completely misrepresented, and it was actually his fellow scientists that were against Galileo and trying to get the Church to go against him

The Church actually helped Galileo out in the end and even turned some Churches not solar observatories..

The Great Galileo Myth

YES, and even Evolution, was not created by “Darwin” but in reality, the first person to propose it was an arm chair philosopher who did a séance and it was revealed this is how we came to be on Earth (via Alfred Russel Wallace).


The Forbidden Universe: The Occult Origins of Science


Why the lie?
If you tell human beings there’s a fence around them, how are they gonna behave? They’re going to want to see what’s on the other side of the fence. So how would they avoid that? Put us on a ball.

In a world where people believe they were created from an ape and don’t know what gender they are, the correct account of Creation from the Bible is more relevant than ever.

Our days are spent digging through deception, exposing the lie, brick by brick, we find the same thing that our 19th century ancestors found

Caught in middle on the cusp of a new age of Aquarius, the water bearer, War going on between light and darkness, Silent warfare, info war, bio warfare, the blind are going to need us, bearing truth to reach the masses

Why Is It Important To Debunk The Lies?

Satan’s heliocentric model and its ‘science’ was originated entirely by Jesuit occultists, all planets named after occult gods, and all occult math uses 666 as a basis.

Earth supposedly orbits sun at 66,600 mph, curvature .666 ft at 10 miles or 6,666 ft at 100 miles, tilt 66.6 deg etc

There are over 240+ Bible verses for God’s geocentric stationary and Flat Earth under a firmament in a closed system.

There is NOT 1 scripture, when used in context, which supports a spinning ball earth.

We see too far now and can prove no curvature exists, furthermore water will not cling to a spinning ball. Nothing makes sense about Heliocentric, it all falls apart when you look deeper, everything makes sense with geocentric, and all previous civilizations knew it.

9 Bible Verses say the earth DOES NOT move, instead, the earth is fixed, stable, and established: 1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 33:9, Psalm 93:1, Psalm 96:10, Psalm
104:5, Psalm 119:89-90, Isaiah 14:7, Isaiah 45:18, and Zechariah 1:11.

The grand deception of spinning ball earth (flying through infinite space), along with big bang and evolution, was created by Jesuits to disprove God, and usher in the era of man. This deception results in lost souls not knowing who they are, where they come from, or their purpose in life. Forces of evil can’t rule God’s creation, so they had to invent an artificial creation to remove the true God.

Govt and academia purposely deleted the biblical teachings of creation, heaven above and hell below, as well as the salvation of man through Jesus Christ, so that govt can instead lift themselves up as gods.

They taught us we are insignificant parasites descended from a primordial ooze, spinning out of control on a ball rocketing through space. But now we know better, and finally have a chance to break the chains that enslave us.

Nathan Oakley
Old 1960’s technology rehashed, going up and doing a parabolic maneuver so you can be in 0G for a few minutes does not mean you’ve visited space or experienced what they call 0G, you’re not, you’re just in free fall,

Edge of Space
If the edge of space existed, would be the area where gas moving at high velocity would vacate into the area of the sky vacuum where you are reaching the edge of, and we’d all be dead, gas doesn’t hang around and come back down like the flight does, gas expands at high speeds until it collides with something, and it needs containment in order for it to vacate whatever area it’s in, it will fill any area available to it, if the sky vacuum was available to the gas we wouldn’t have any gas,

There is no edge of space, it’s a complete contradiction of gas behavior, gas expands in all directions to fill all areas it can fill and must be contained, 2nd law of thermodynamics violation.


Branson’s Trip
It’s the usual circus deception from the world’s #1 narcissist, Richard Branson, who calls his high altitude plane a spaceship, and himself an astronaut.

After an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, the plane still only reached an altitude of about 50 miles, which barely crossed the threshold of our stratosphere.

That didn’t stop Branson and his ladies on board from whooping it up as if they had accomplished something spectacular, never missing an opportunity to claim they see earth curvature even though it doesn’t exist.

Perhaps the climax of deception, and well worn tactic, was allowing their bodies to leave the seats during a couple minute free fall giving the illusion of weightlessness in space. You can do the same thing in a $10 fair ride for a few seconds.

Branson had just taken a 50 mile plane flight yet he sounds like he’s accepting an Oscar. A 50 mile flight is a poor excuse for space travel when compared to, we’re told, a sun that is 93 million miles away!

The constant video cutting and splicing are smoke and mirrors to perpetuate the spinning ball, space travel hoax.

The front windscreen was set to show curvature just like plane windows, but the video of the plane touching down clearly shows the close hills curve off the windscreen then cut to an outside camera on tail to show same hills on a flat horizon over our level earth.

Branson’s extravagant airplane ride promotion doesnt add any more credence to the spinning ball earth in a space vacuum theory, in fact, quite the contrary.

Rather it provides narcissist billionaires a chance to garner more attention, and a hope of keeping the heliocentric lies and NASA scam alive a little longer.


Beyond Imaginary Curve – Dell
Is that surface of body of water an arc or straight line? Water always finds its level. If I extended it to 4 times the size how would you describe it? Ten times the size ? Twenty times the size? 100 times the size? What shapes the world? Round. How can you have straight lines on a round ball?

How do you know the world is round? Images.
If I told you I could fly but couldn’t demonstrate it but could show you pictures of me flying, would you still believe it? N0

So you accept it’s a round ball based on a picture?
How would you describe the horizon (in an airplane) flat straight line same as the water?
Go around the world? So you’re the North Pole and I can travel in a circle around you. So how does that prove you live on a ball?

If you believe the world is a ball give me the best thing you can think of thru your experience that demonstrates it? I suppose gravity.

Gravity – He says two variations of gravity… Newtonian and Einsteinian.
Newtonian gravity asserts mass attacks mass, so I’m bigger than you, so you should be feeling some sort of force bringing yiu towards me. Are you feeling it?
Einsteinian gravity is purely mathematical and nothing that can be demonstrated.

Science and physics is about observable, demonstration and testing. If I give you a rock, water and a vacuum do you think you could recreate the globe earth and wrap water around the rock and suspend it in a vacuum?

Their science is just language they use to explain the image they gave us.

He says “If you’re believing something you don’t understand …. That’s what a cult does to you”

There’s nothing about the globe earth you experience in your every day life. You experience no motion. You look at the horizon and it’s a flat level line. You look at water and it forms a horizontal flat level line.

Perspective -When you look in the distance the sky appears to come down and the ground raises up to eye level, things get smaller in the distance. It’s your eyes. That gives the illusion you’re standing on something curved, but the reality is you’re standing in a level earth.

Architects, engineers, construction, flight dynamics, everything assumes a level earth, utilize plum and 90 degree level surface, they dont operate on a curved surface

Stars– Ever wonder why you look at the sky at night and the stars are always the same? The North Star Polaris never moves and the star constellations never change

Space vacuum we know from physics that high pressure can’t exist next to low pressure without a barrier. They’re trying to tell us we’re on a rock travelling through high pressure vacuum of space , but we know it would suck our air right out

There’s a massive difference between what human beings believe and what we can demonstrate to each other. If they can’t demonstrate it, I’m not interested. It’s a brainwashing mechanism.

Space? 500 people out of 7 billion people say they’ve been there.

Do you think you’ve been brainwashed?
If you tell me you believe something and I ask for your reasons and you tell me you don’t have any, that’s brainwashing cause you believe it and don’t know why.

Even if you can’t see it, hear it or feel it, it can still make you sick or kill. Each person reacts differently to the same sound, so if no one else feels it, it may be just you. One of the characteristics of low-frequency sound is that it can travel across long distances.
German military during the final phase of World War II. The “Luftkanon,” or “Wirbelwind Kanonew,” a sound weapon designed to shoot down enemy aircraft by creating a vortex of sound;

Sounds around 19 hz, matches the resonant frequency of the human eyeball, with reports of apparitions as detailed by the Coventry Telegraph newspaper. The most dangerous frequency is at the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain, 7 hz. This is also the resonant frequency of the body’s organs. At high volumes, infrasound can directly affect the human central nervous system causing disorientation, anxiety, panic, bowel spasms, nausea, vomiting and eventually organ rupture, even death from prolonged exposure.

Light – Invisible X rays and gamma rays can kill
Sound – Certain frequency, amplitude and duration can kill
We can hear 20-20,000 hz, a tuba is 29hz, below 20hz is infrasound, Walt Disney and his team of cartoonists. slowed down a 60-cycle tone in a short cartoon to 12 Hz; they became sick for days afterward. Sounds around 19 hz, matches the resonant frequency of the human eyeball, with reports of apparitions as detailed by the Coventry Telegraph newspaper. The most dangerous frequency is at the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain, 7 hz. This is also the resonant frequency of the body’s organs.

At high volumes, infrasound can directly affect the human central nervous system causing disorientation, anxiety, panic, bowel spasms, nausea, vomiting and eventually organ rupture, even death from prolonged exposure.

Ultrasound imaging systems transmit high-frequency, inaudible, sound pulses through the human body. Can be used to destroy brain cells like tumors. Inaudible ultrasonic frequencies can be emitted through speakers used to incapacitate people.

All chemical reactions in cells of living organisms are caused by vibrational frequencies. All physical matter is vibrating at its own vibrational frequency. Resonance occurs when a connection is made between a source and a target which are vibrating at the same frequency. When this happens, the materials become joined and are said to be resonating. Once resonance has been achieved, an energy exchange takes place on the surface of the membrane of each cell.

Both infrasound and ultrasound are capable of producing resonance. the chest/abdominal area of the human body functions as a resonance chamber. Even an entire room with an open door or window can be used as a resonance chamber. Sound can be used to shatter or explode objects after resonance has been achieved.

Resonance can be induced electromagnetically by an infrasonic pulse generator, which can establish a link to a person’s inner organs by resonating it in their chest area. If the power level is moderate, the person may experience pain in the chest area, or their organs may vibrate. Increasing the power level will destroy their organs. In the early 1990s Russia had developed a 10 Hz VLF modulator capable of targeting individuals over hundreds of meters, causing pain, nausea, and vomiting. It was adjustable up to lethal levels. Such a device could also target the brain.

These changes in brain frequencies cause changes in brain chemistry, which then influence thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, transmitting directed-energy using an exact frequency and modulation will trigger a precise chemical reaction in the brain, which, in turn will produce a specific emotion in the targeted individual. So, within this range, if the power level remains the same, but the frequency is increased, more damage can occur. Other than that, power is the critical factor which causes the damage, while the frequency determines what type of damage occurs. Infrasound travels great distances and easily passes through most buildings and vehicles. It is normally sensed by the ears, but at high power levels it can couple with the body and be felt as vibrations.

An electronic example would be a large sub-woofer. Infrasound is said to be superior to ultrasound because it retains its frequency when it couples with the human body.

From about 100 to 140 decibels infrasound causes a variety of biological symptoms depending on the frequency and power level. Basically, the higher the power level, the greater the damage. The effects include: fatigue, pressure in the ears, visual blurring, drowsiness, imbalance, disorientation, vibration of internal organs, severe intestinal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Higher power levels can liquefy bowels, and resonate the internal organs causing death. Infrasound can also cause feelings of pressure in the chest, choking, irregular breathing patterns, and respiratory incapacitation.

According to the Acoustic Weapons Prospective Assessment article, which appeared in the volume 9, 2001 issue of Science and Global Security, infrasound can produce localized earthquakes. A large room within a building can act as a resonance chamber to upset the foundation causing a miniature earthquake.


Pt 10

Tesla 1850’s alternating current tesla cool, death ray, oscillator, wireless transmission station funded by JP Morgan didn’t want to lose control of fossil fuel profit but stoped in 1906 because Tesla intended on developing Fred wireless energy, Tesla invented craft similar to flying saucer which was to be powered by free energy,

Tesla understood Earth is magnetic and can generate electricity or electro magnetism by utilizing frequencies as a transmitter. Tesla discovered free energy by figuring out the exact electromagnetic frequency of the earth 7.83 hz – earth’s fundamental frequency

Energy, vibration and frequency is driving force of our world

Stars and planets are not spherical balls of rock and burning gas but dancing glimmers of light interacting with the waters above the firmament.

Capture form in water – freeze samples of water at -25deg in Petri dishes, tested different frequencies and vibrations on samples how thoughts words and ideas effect the molecular structure of water, prayer spoken to water changed its molecular structure, sound frequency and vibration has a strong effect on water mol structure, our bodies are 80% water,

Cymatics applies different sounds and vibrational frequencies to matter and water, sand on a plate attached above a speaker or a water bowl, vibrate plate with tone generator, geometric designs appear as pitch increases.

Cymatics – sound frequency resonance in water resembles pulsating pattern of what an actual star looks like when zoomed in

Firmament made by electro magnetic medium and its frequencies generate pockets of sonomolesence which display vibrational frequency of the firmament through their dancing shifting geometry and light frequency. Color has its own frequencies. Hollywood movies, hunger games deactivating dome by disrupting its frequency

By the way vibration and frequencies effect the entire shape and formation of matter, we can see this passage is likely accurate
Genesis 1:1-31
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day. …”

Take note of Genesis chapter one, and you will find something quite unique about the creation of the universe. God said these words:

1. Let there be light and there was light. Gen 1:3
2. Let there be firmament (expanse) in the midst of the waters Gen 1:6
3. Let the waters under the heavens be gathered into one place Gen 1:9
4. Let the earth bring forth grass Gen 1:11
5. Let there be be lights in the firmament of the heaven Gen 1:15
6. Let the earth bring forth every living creature Gen 1:24

Electromagnetism explains how sun and moon work on flat earth. Sun and moon are disks, there is strong magnetic force in the north which is why compass point north, North is center of flat earth

Faraday Effect – electro magnetic induction, opposing electromagnetic fields cause plates to levitate and light bulbs to glow without wires. Light bulbs represent sun and moon.

The Faraday Effect is pure demonstrable and repeatable science.

If a powerful gravity force existed the Faraday Effect of opposing electromagnetic fields causing plates to levitate would not be possible.

The disks traverse over the circle of magnets.

The sun and moon are locked by earths self generating magnetic fields.

Sun is positively charged with a potential of 200 million volts, Tesla coil charges and illuminates a bulb without wires. Moon is negatively charged. Earth functions as Tesla’s energy plate with a coil at its base,

Sprites in atmosphere above lightening illuminate the firmament above. Powerful discharges from the electric firmament instills electric energy into clouds and atmosphere below

Electromagnetic energy, frequency and vibration is everywhere on earth. Ocean salt water conducts electricity, Fruit on trees is acid like battery acid in batteries

Sun is positively charged with a potential of 200 million volts. Moon is negatively charged.

Magnetic fields generated by sun and moon influence movement ebb and flow of ocean currents due to being repelled by magnetism and then released. Water is diamagnetic and repels magnetic fields which explains tides.

Like our voices can influence geometric shape of water’s molecular structure, God’s voice formed our world. The earth and everything in it is a manifestation of divine sound. Evidence for creation is everywhere and the driving force is energy, vibration and frequency.

Human generated energy is at odds with nature. We are bombarded with electromagnetic energy generated by cell towers, wireless internet and smart phones.

Satelites orbiting earth is a hoax. We’re told over 2000 satellites are orbiting earth most in low earth orbit but none appear in NASA blue marble images of earth.

Nasa puts up tens of thousands of balloons with satellites hanging on them, nasa controls the worlds supply of helium, and they hide their balloon use.

The real digital cloud are not from satellites orbiting the earth but cables below the ocean that contain 99% of worlds data with the remaining carried by cell towers. Cell towers are responsible for wireless internet and smart phones creating unnatural electromagnetic frequency or EMF’s.

Satanic complex started panicking as theories arose that covid was being caused by 5G. Constant exposure to EMF’s is effecting our own bodies synchronization with earths electromagnetic field. Our bodies run on electrolytes such that continued exposure to high EMF’s at close range will harm health. Cell towers generating high EMF’s are beginning to harm birds, trees and insects , disturbing bees natural navigation abilities, and destroying the bee population.

Ewaranon Part 11
Marisa glance would turn people to stone, our ancestors way of explaining petrification, were told petrification occurs when buried in thick mud or volcanic ash but tree wood was turned into crystals, volcanic ash can’t cause petrif, cooled down lava doesn’t form hexagon shapes

Ewaranon LHFE1 part 7

We live on a flat plane – our world is an electromagnetic planetarium surrounded by an ethereal sea of water, the sun and moon journey above our flat realm in concentric spirals.

There are five prominent circles of latitude:
1) Arctic circle
2) Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees in northern hemisphere
3) equator at 0 degrees
4) Tropic of Capricorn at 23.5 degrees in Southern Hemisphere
5) the Antarctic circle.

Equinox occurs when sun is over equator.
When sun is 90 degrees above its called solar noon.
In Northern hemisphere – September equinox is autumn and March equinox is spring,
in Southern hemisphere – September equinox is spring and March equinox is autumn.

Vernal Equinox is the day that the sun passes from south to north over the equator

Sun never reaches arctic or Antarctic circles never reaches poles.

Solstice sun reaches most northerly and southerly relative to equator and turns back. The term solstice can also be used in a broader sense, as the day when this occurs.

The day of a solstice in either hemisphere has either the most sunlight of the year (summer solstice) sun reaches its highest point in the North on June 21, on June 22 starts to go back 1 degree
or the least sunlight of the year (winter solstice) for any place other than the Equator.

Alternative terms, with no ambiguity as to which hemisphere is the context, are “June solstice” and “December solstice”, referring to the months in which they take place every year.[3]

Celestial Clock – Ancestors had clocks that told seconds of hr, hrs in the day, moment of dusk and dawn, and current phase of moon, their clocks understood true time, the big picture, the celestial clock,

Stars above us revolve at 1 degree every 4 minutes east to west counter clockwise, revolving 15 deg each hr, 15×24=360 deg per day, stars above are fixed not straying from completing their full circular paths everyday

Zodiac Constellation – Stars are divided into 12 – 30 degree divisions called Zodiac constellations, zodiac means zoo of the arc, a parallel to Noah’s ark

Precession of the Equinox – Each constellation ( the entire circle) shifts 1 degree every 72 yrs, called the precession of the equinox

Age – It takes 2160 years (72×30) for the entire circle of stars to shift one arc of 30 degrees, 2160 yrs is called an age

Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn were named because in days before Christ, the sun was in constellation of cancer at the June solstice and sun was in constellation of Capricorn at the December solstice.

When sun is in a constellation during a solstice means the position of sun in sky is a solar moon.

The Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn occur during age of Aries, we’ve been in age of pisces last 2000 yrs or so

We are on the cusp of entering the age of Aquarius,

June 2020 solstice sun in Taurus showing transition to new age Aquarius has begun, not a fantasy but an astronomical law which can track it every equinox and solstice.

Aries, Pisces, Aquarius

If we are entering age of Aquarius means sun has not been in constellation of cancer or Capricorn during solstice for over 2000 yrs when our realm was in age of Aries

To deceive us, they never changed tropics to correct names Gemini and Sagittarius, we’ve been in Pisces for over 2000 yrs, therefore all our maps including google earth are tools of deception, our maps today are manipulated duplications of maps that are thousands of years old

Where are the maps from the age of Pisces?

Hyperboria started getting erased from maps in 17th century
Moon – is a composite of two fixed images imposed onto one another, one image is a mirror of the greater realm iand the other image of the firmament (an optical illusion of the dome) distortion and optical illusion is present.

it’s impossible to land on moon because Moon is a disk-like phosphorescent, condensed, focused, cosmic, semi transparent plasma, can’t reflect sunlight,
not a ball or rock, can’t land on it

Moon can’t reflect sunlight because it has a cooler temperature and posses no warmth, we also know that spherical objects don’t reflect light, impossible for sun to cast earth’s shadow on moon,

Moon light is likely a unique form of invisible radiation similar to X-rays, electromagnetic rays emanate from earth’s vortex shooting up to the crystalline firmament and redirected down into the ionosphere above our heads, crystalline structures reflect X-rays, monochromators do it,

At a certain altitude in our ionosphere, various gases appear, sun forms in altitude of helium layer, and moon forms at altitude of krypton layer, kr gives phosphorus white light

Polarity of sun and moon created by interaction in electromagnetic field in ionosphere, moon is the dialectric negative polarity to the moons positive charge

Moon Image – But how is the composite image on moon face formed? It’s akin to an X-ray photo of our greater realm,

Moon image is a historical moment captured in time, before the continent of Lemurya sank, nobody knows how it is formed, the moon image never changes,

only the controllers know, could be a projected image from something akin to a natural camera obscura, kr krypton is an essential component in flashes and MRI scanners, Charles Darwin’s uncle produced a camera obscura image used silver nitrate to capture images, alchemists related moon with silver.

Is it coincidence that Masonic representations of alchemists depict sun and moon as reflected rays?

There were previous technologically advanced civilizations in past that had a hand in rendering the image on the moon.

Flip (invert) the moon image to see an ancient map of the world, which includes 1) our known world 2) unknown land masses in the greater realm and 3) since moon face is a mirror image of an ancient world map, some land has sunk in the ocean and doesnt exist now (Lemurya/Thule)

Unknown land mass Lemurya some think lost continent Atlantis in Indian Ocean, same as Mu, discovered underwater city.

Reflection of Vortex on highest point of dome is the little round part in center top on moon, controllers, Jesuit astronomer, named it Tycho in 1651

Vortex opening in center of our world, Nazi black sun, secret Thule society in Germany, black sun society, Hyperboria or Thule is highest land in north, Admiral Byrd also referenced a hollow earth with entrance up north, some believed black sun was at earth center radiating vril energy, Helio says theres a hot solid iron ball at earth core, earth must have an inner energy source, the formation of sun and moon makes sense if earths inner energy or vril radiating thru the vortex opening in the north

The source of earth’s electromagnetic coil force, source of earth’s magnetic field, is located in center and beneath the earth emanating strong radiation up thru vortex

Magnetic North Pole Circumnavigation – Every 2160 yrs (72×30) our magnetic north pole circles the inner solid core and vortex by 30 degrees (which is why the magnetic pole has moved from Canada and on route to Siberia)

the magnetic north pole is traversing the outer center circle or magnetic circle and has a complete revolution every 25,920 yrs or Great Year, which consists of 12 astronomical ages of 2160 yrs each,

We live inside God’s perfect clock, sun and moon circle our magnetic North Pole, which is situated at the center of our known world’s land mass, but this magnetic north pole circles the inner vortex and completes a full revolution every 25920 years, a great year, 12 x 2160 yrs

We are on the cusp of entering the age of Aquarius (which is why our magnetic NP is on route to Siberia

As the magnetic north pole circumvents the central magnetic circle of the greater realm, the toroidal magnetic field moves with it, sun and moon are bound in their revolution by our magnetic north pole, and because of this they move in our magnetic toroidal field only, therefore the magnetic north pole will always be the center of our known world

The Antarctic ice wall is not a constant fixed wall, it is continually melting and refreezing with the revolution of the pole over the course of a great year and each astronomical age which is why they are terrified of the ice melting and why the demon Gates wants to dim the sun.

They are using natural climate change due to the rotation of the magnetic pole to justify useless measures and money laundering, they’re terrified because they’re on the verge of losing control of their narrative

Antarctica – There is no land mass Antarctica, that’s a lie, there exists only the Antarctic circle.

S America, New Zealand & Australia all fall in close proximity to the outer edge of the greater world map and would therefore be in close proximity to the firmament itself which is why there is heavy military presence in these regions.

The changing climate and melting of the Antarctic circle is as natural as day and night, it’s a macro process of the larger clock we live within.
The constellations the sun is in during the equinox and solstice form a cross on the zodiac wheel when signaling the age and tropic destination.

Prague Astronomical clock – been altered in 200 years, tracks seasons, phases of moons and days. 5 lines – each line is one day. Each zodiac section is one month. The celestial zodiac ecliptic dial is not a stereo graphic projection as wiki states.

When we align the Prague clock with the map of our greater realm, it all starts making sense. The earth central core is akin to the clock central dial, the land and central solid core remain stationary but everything else moves. The outer core moves and takes our magnetic North Pole with it and moves in accordance with the precession of the equinox.

Water does not lie. Resting water does not curve or convex.

The central dial of the Prague clock is in the center of our magnetic field, the sun and moon move within this field, our magnetic field is off center of the greater realm.

It isn’t an even cross but a true cross, or crucifix. We live in the cross beam of the cross. Our magnetic field pocket within the greater realm also forms a crescent moon, the same crescent moon our controllers use as a symbol for nobility.

The cross & crescent are expressions of the timepiece we live within, natural expressions of God’s clock.

The Heliocentric model is reverse engineered science. They had to start with Polaris and work back, create the tilt to line up with Polaris.

The 23.5 degree axial tilt was needed to justify the entire fairyland model lie …. seasons, differing climates and fixed position of Polaris over the true geographic north.

The True Geographic North Pole – where Polaris is directly overhead at a 90 degree angle, over the vortex, the place where nobody ventures, that’s why they invented the tilt.

Polaris rests above the vortex, at the center, the geographic north, termed True North, of the greater realm. Polaris isn’t situated 90 degrees above the North magnetic Pole in the arctic, home to Greenland and Iceland.

The vortexes in the center of the realm are termed True North, is displayed in 2nd moon image of firmament.

Perhaps Enoch reference to vortex located in northern quarter is because it can only be accessed there, controllers put Hyperboria at the artic in fraudulent maps to throw us off track

To find True North ( or ctr of our greater realm) would be difficult, one would have to forsake the compass to find true north, if geographic S of our mag field is at bottom edge of map then the central vortex of the greater realm falls in our geographic N, but we couldn’t reach it with compass pointing N, it is not located at our N magnetic pole, to find true north we would need to go south on compass

But if earth ctr is iron it would supersede the southern mag P of our mag field,

Only way to True North is celestial navigation via Polaris

Distinction between Geographic direction and magnetic direction, when we travel across our known world, or the land within our toroidal magnetic field, we use a magnetic compass and the magnetic pole is in the center, which is why when we travel west to east we move in a circle and when we travel North we move toward center and when traveling South we move away from center.

Geographical Cardinal Points, Enoch scriptures reference these 4 quarters of world, according to Enoch our magnetic field lies in the geographic north of the greater realm

“And the 1st quarter is called East because it is first and the second the south because the most high will descend there and the West quarter is named the diminished, and the 4th quarter named the north is divided into 3 parts: the first of them is for the dwelling of men, the second contains seas of water and the abyss of forests and rivers and darkness and clouds and the third part the garden of the righteous“
Enoch 77:1-4

Reappropriate definition of planet



The Lost History of Flat Earth (5hrs)

Vol 1 Buried In Plain Sight (1hr)- empty cities, orphans shipped into cities to repopulate, depopulation then repopulation, generators, repurposing architecture, baby incubators, 1896 worlds fair, arches domes engines for power, spires, magnets, 1:19 Triumpf electromagnet, cities were big power grid, magnet source at north pole, polaris above under the dome firmament, ionosphere gases interact with electromagnetic fields, gases are charged, ionizes atmosphere resulting in colored plasma produces blue sky, aether connects everything electromagnetic in our realm, air, fire, water, all matter is composed of aether (5th element) , may be holy spirit, aether is a constant sea of electromagnetism, source of electromag is sun,


What On Earth Happened Pt 1-13 8hrs

Summary of lies, hidden history, impossible statues, large scale earth mining, impact craters, dinosaurs, grand scale evil to children, crimes against humanity in name of lucifer worship and enslaving the population, hiding free energy, creator, spirituality, more land & resources, cern, rainbow bridge, underworld,

What On Earth Happened Pt 11 Bumblebee & Hexagon (42min)

Old trees, petrification, quarries, silicon,

What On Earth Happened Pt 10 Energetic Earth (47min)

Tesla, Cymatics, magnetism, vibration

What On Earth Happened Pt 8 Looking Glass (57 min)

Antarctica, firmament & stars

Lost History of Plane Earth pt 7 (1hr 38min)

Astronomy, zodiac constellations, Prague clock, greater realm, moon/sun

Lost History of Plane Earth pt 6 (1hr 4min)

Altered structures, missing toroidal vortex generators empty towers & domes, mercury, world fair lighting, electromagnetic technological old world

Lost History of Plane Earth pt 5 (1hr 11min)

Electromagnetism, vibration, sound & frequency with water, water grids, stars structures, star grids, magnatrons, organs

Lost History of Plane Earth pt 4 (56 min)

Electromagnetism in architecture, domes, spires

Lost History of Plane Earth pt 3 (41 min)

Muddy streets, bottom levels buried, orphans, infant incubators

Lost History of Plane Earth pt 2 (25 min)
Empty cities – grand architecture

Lost History of Plane Earth pt 1 (13min)

Flat earth, NASA

The Greatest Lie on Earth by Edward Hendrie
There have been many attempts to prove heliocentricity but they have all failed. The most famous was an experiment by physicist AA Mitchelson in 1850’s and chemist EW Morley. Mitchelson & Morley used light rays to prove earth is stationary in 1887. This was confirmed by the James Bradley experiment in 1729, proving ether is not carried along by earth. The Sagnet experiment of 1913 proved ether exists, Michelson-Gale-Pearson experiment in 1925 proves ether passes over earth every 24hrs. The Airy’s Failure experiment of 1871 proves stars move carried by ether and earth remains stationary.

There are dozens of experiments proving a stationary earth and not one proving earth moves. Movement of earth is only a theory and all experiments contradict it.

The theory of relativity, which provides that motion is relative to the observer, assumes there is no ether, which is wrong, as proved by Dr Herbert Dingle, which makes the theory of relativity invalid.

Einstein theorized time slows down the faster you travel, einstein falsely claimed he was ignorant of mitchel Morley experiment,

Einstein was elevated to the level of demagogue by the elite’s propaganda machine. Einstein was a fraud and con artist chosen to play a role in an elaborate scientific deception using his debunked theory of relativity which was pushed out for the sole purpose of selling Helio to the masses.

1999 elites named Einstein ‘man of the century” which shows how important it is to maintain the Helio lie.

Woe to you when all men speak well of you, For so did their fathers to the false prophets.
Luke 6:26

There is a direct correlation between knowledge of God’s creation and His commandments. Concealing the glory of God declared by His handiwork, makes it very easy to introduce concepts of relative morality, and all manner of sin can then be justified.

The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, And night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line has gone out and their words to the end of the world. In them He has set a tabernacle for the sun, which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoices like a strong man to run its race. Its rising is from one end of heaven, and its circuit to the other end; And there is nothing hidden from its heat. The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul; The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple; The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart; The commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes;
Psalm 19:1-8

Was listening to the Dollar Vigillante on Elon Musk. He said Musk’s money came from govt subsidies and tax dollars given to him by politicians.

Elon was involved in PayPal early on which turned out to be part of the system. Most of his billions have come from the govt.

Tesla hasn’t made any money but rather loses huge amounts. He’s not an amazing entrepreneur. Elon is the new Builderberger.

Elon and his spacex has never been to space and never will. It’s all about working with NASA to develop surveillance systems to enslave the world. They’re not going to the moon or Mars. Remember when Richard Branson said he was going to the moon, then his plane blew up and that was the last we heard of it.

If you saved a million dollars per year for the last 2000 years you still wouldn’t have as much money as the taxpayers have given Elon in the last ten years.

Started Neutolink to connect human brain to computers and putting up satellites to beam WiFi and 5g at earth to create a smart grid human control system eventually connecting Tesla electric cars controlled by AI.

His companies all lose money and take on huge debt but continue running which is evidence that the Cabal is funding them.

Elon says AI could mean the end of humanity, but does everything in his power to bring it about, which indicates he’s a fraud.

Elon Musk’s grandfather, Joshua Haldeman, was head of the Canadian Technocracy movement in the 1930’s.
Technocracy is the control of govt and society by an elite group experts rather than by elected officials which is exactly what this new world govt is supposed to be. Now Elon, not by coincidence, is the frontman for the new world order technocracy movement.

Technology has outpaced politicians understanding and so the Silicon Valley mafia is driving the bus.

AI is first developed in the military then rolled out in public..

Elon is a Freemason CIA operative puppet frontman, a deceiver

Do you really believe Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched his Tesla Roadster convertible into space in 2018, with a dummy in a spacesuit behind the wheel, that actually flew by Mars, which is supposedly 127 million miles away?? PLEASE COMMENT Yes or No and Why.

Elon Musk’s cherry-red Tesla Roadster — which the CEO blasted into space back in 2018 aboard SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket — is currently doing a flyby near the red planet, according to SpaceX, did a Mars flyby


Darkness is covering the land, led by Satan’s soldiers, but let your heart not be troubled, the glory of the Lord is going to rise on His people!

Galilee Awakening 5 on May 16 on Shavuot, Entering into the culmination of a prophetic journey, participate in what the Lord is doing in this hour, believing for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, contending for God to do a new thing in this end time season, warfare has been intense because the supernatural favor and breakthrough is about to come, fresh new revelations about what the lord is doing, nations are in uproar and darkness is covering the earth, isaiah 60, Habakkuk 2:14, this is the moment we been waiting fir, don’t give up, press in, the enemy is terrified because this great breakthrough is coming, hosaiah 10:12, this is the time we are going to see the manifestation of the promises and prophetic utterances of the Lord come to pass because the word of the lord does not return void, the Lord Almighty is consistent. Adonai, the king of Glory, He never changes, same yesterday, today and forever, if He has spoken a think it shall come to pass, we are on the verge of a divine convergence moment, Isaiah 9:1, 60 & 61, Luke 4:18, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us

Your Location Washington, District of Columbia, United States, Coordinates: 38.894992, -77.036558 (38° 53′ 42″ N, 77° 2′ 11.6″ W)

We were indoctrinated into the Big Bang, evolution and spinning ball theories before we had the ability to think for ourselves. Our five senses tell us we live on a flat stationary earth, and the sun, moon and stars rotate above us. They make their annual cycles in such a way that we can calculate days, months and years of the passage of time, as in scripture. Earth works like a well designed time piece and we know that it must have a designer. There are mountains of evidence that support flat stationary earth. The purpose of the lie is to hide the existence of the designer, and to keep $63 million a day tax dollars flowing into NASA. They are hiding God for control, money, power …. so they can be God.

Plane Windows – The glass used in all commercial airplanes is curved to remain flush with the fuselage. This creates a slight bulging effect people mistake for being the supposed curvature of the Earth. In actuality, if the Earth were a ball, no matter how large, you would NOT be able to see the horizon rise remaining at eye level all the way up. If the Earth were a ball, no matter how big, the horizon would stay exactly where it was and you would have to look DOWN further and further to see the horizon at all. Looking straight out the window at 35,000 feet you should see nothing but “outer-space” from the port and starboard windows, as the Earth/horizon are supposed to be BELOW you. If they are visible at eye level outside both side windows, that’s because the Earth is flat!


Gravity – The actual definition of Gravity is undefined, unseen, magic ….. used to convince the naive of the impossible.

Gravitation is only a subterfuge, employed by Newton in his attempt to prove that the Earth revolves round the Sun.

Gravity is an unproven, govt derived, laws of physics defying, theory used to convince the indoctrinated that trillions of gallons of water adhere to a ball spinning at 1000 mph. Gravity is a theory not law. Even Newton had doubts about it, never been proven – Instead we believe in Density, Bouyancy & Electromagnetic force.  All three are measurable and provable.

 ‘Gravity’ is a man made label for an imaginary magical force loaded with errors. There are many mainstream baller science guys who are questioning the existence of gravity.

Universe Today says there is only a super slight differential in  gravity due to the rotation of the earth:“You might be surprised to know that the force of gravity on Earth actually changes depending on where you’re standing on it. The first reason is because the earth is rotating. This rotation is  trying to spin you off into space, but don’t worry, this force isn’t much.  The gravity of Earth at the equator is 9.789 m/s2, while the force of gravity at the poles is 9.832 m/s2. In other words, you weigh more at the poles than you do at the equator because of this centripetal force.”

I personally love the quote, “This rotation is trying to spin you off into space, but don’t worry, this force isn’t much.”    Lets see a wet tennis ball spinning:

Now multiply that by a million or so, and that is the force Universe Today says “is not much.”

So, if I’m standing on the equator at the widest point of the alleged globe, spinning at 1000 mph, my weight will be 175lbs, if I then fly to either north or South poles (not actually allowed but lets wave that for now) at the narrowest point of the alleged Globe,the rotation of the earth would be reduced to around 150 mph, The gravitational pull if existent would have to be so great that my weight would be around 7000lbs and I would be squashed like a bug.

Mainstream science ignores the rotation speeds of the earth at different places and states it has next to no affect on the magical force of gravity. This is a massive alarm bell.

The Solar System is traveling at an average speed of 828,000 km/h (230 km/s) or 514,000 mph (143 mi/s) within its trajectory around the galactic centre, which is about one 1300th of the speed of light (err no new constellations anyone?). But this apparently has no affect on the magical force of gravity either.    This again, is a massive alarm bell.

So, mainstream science says Gravity is so strong that upside-down water at the surface of the ocean (near air) is being pulled to the centre of the earth?

But this force is also not that strong, in that this water can move in any direction with currents and tides, and be easily scooped, splashed, and thrown by a human hand.

So, if gravity is a force that causes all matter to be attracted to all other matter, why are atoms mostly empty space inside?   An atom is like having a 5p coin in the centre of an empty football stadium  – this is the scale.

Science claims our World is surrounded by a giant vacuum of space and that we are moving through space at a speed of  514,000 mph  miles per hour, yet the feeble pull of Gravity on Air holds it to our World. Turn on a vacuum and it sucks the air right into it. Why does Space not pull our air into it?

Why is gravity so strong to hold people, buildings and the oceans stuck to a spinning ball-Earth, but weak enough to allow balloons, birds, bugs, flowers, and smoke to easily rise against its awesome force?

“Most people in England have either read, or heard, that Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravitation was originated by his seeing an apple fall to the earth from a tree in his garden. Persons gifted with ordinary common-sense would say that the apple fell down to the earth because, bulk for bulk, it was heavier than the surrounding air; but if, instead of the apple, a fluffy feather had been detached from the tree, a breeze would probably have sent the feather floating away, and the feather would not reach the earth until the surrounding air became so still that, by virtue of its own density, the feather would fall to the ground.” -Lady Blount, “Clarion’s Science Versus God’s Truth”

Wilbur Voliva, a famous flat-Earther in the early 20th century, gave lectures all over America against Newtonian astronomy. He would begin by walking on stage with a book, a balloon, a feather and a brick, and ask the audience: “How is it that a law of gravitation can pull up a toy balloon and cannot put up a brick? I throw up this book. Why doesn’t it go on up? That book went up as far as the force behind it forced it and it fell because it was heavier than the air and that is the only reason. I cut the string of a toy balloon. It rises, gets to a certain height and then it begins to settle. I take this brick and a feather. I blow the feather. Yonder it goes. Finally, it begins to settle and comes down. This brick goes up as far as the force forces it and then it comes down because it is heavier than the air. That is all.”

“Any object which is heavier than the air, and which is unsupported, has a natural tendency to fall by its own weight. Newton’s famous apple at Woolsthorpe, or any other apple when ripe, loses hold of its stalk, and, being heavier than the air, drops as a matter of necessity, to the ground, totally irrespective of any attraction of the Earth. For, if such attraction existed, why does not the Earth attract the rising smoke which is not nearly so heavy as the apple? The answer is simple – because the smoke is lighter than the air, and, therefore, does not fall but ascends. Gravitation is only a subterfuge, employed by Newton in his attempt to prove that the Earth revolves round the Sun, and the quicker it is relegated to the tomb of all the Capulets, the better will it be for all classes of society.” -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (8)

“The ‘law of gravitation’ is said by the advocates of the Newtonian system of astronomy, to be the greatest discovery of science, and the foundation of the whole of modern astronomy. If, therefore, it can be shown that gravitation is a pure assumption, and an imagination of the mind only, that it has no existence outside of the brains of its expounders and advocates, the whole of the hypotheses of this modern so-called science fall to the ground as flat as the surface of the ocean, and this ‘most exact of all sciences,’ this wonderful ‘feat of the intellect’ becomes at once the most ridiculous superstition and the most gigantic imposture to which ignorance and credulity could ever be exposed.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (36)


“That the sun’s path is an exact circle for only about four periods in a year, and then of only a few hours – at the equinoxes and solstices – completely disproves the ‘might have been’ of circular gravitation, and by consequence, of all gravitation … If the sun were of sufficient power to retain the earth in its orbit when nearest the sun, when the earth arrived at that part of its elliptical path farthest from the sun, the attractive force (unless very greatly increased) would be utterly incapable of preventing the earth rushing away into space ‘in a right line forever,’ as astronomers say. On the other hand, it is equally clear that if the sun’s attraction were just sufficient to keep the earth in its proper path when farthest from the sun, and thus to prevent it rushing off into space; the same power of attraction when the earth was nearest the sun would be so much greater, that (unless the attraction were very greatly diminished) nothing would prevent the earth rushing towards and being absorbed by the sun, there being no counterbalancing focus to prevent such a catastrophe! As astronomy makes no reference to the increase and diminution of the attractive force of the sun, called gravitation, for the above necessary purposes, we are again forced to the conclusion that the great ‘discovery’ of which astronomers are so proud is absolutely non-existent.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (44-45)

“We are asked by the Newtonian to believe that the action of gravitation, which we can easily overcome by the slightest exercise of volition in raising an hand or a foot, is so overwhelmingly violent when we lose our balance and fall a distance of a few feet, that this force, which is imperceptible under usual conditions, may, under extraordinary circumstances, cause the fracture of every limb we possess? Common-sense must reject this interpretation.

Gravitation does not furnish a satisfactory explanation of the phenomena here described, whereas the definition of weight already given does, for a body seeking in the readiest manner its level of stability would produce precisely the result experienced. If the influence which kept us securely attached to this earth were identical with that which is powerful enough to disturb a distant planet in its orbit, we should be more immediately conscious of its masterful presence and potency; whereas this influence is so impotent in the very spot where it is supposed to be most dominant that we find an insurmountable difficulty in accepting the idea of its existence.” -N. Crossland, “New Principia”

 Many others are starting to see massive errors in the worship of Gravity, and let us remember, Newton was an occultist first, and a scientist second. 

“Gravity is simply density and buoyancy. 

People argue that things with different densities fall at the same rate through air. However, that is because both items have reached critical density in relation to its medium: air.

If you were to change the medium from air to say, water or liquid mercury, the critical density to achieve the same rate of falling would increase significantly.

Critical density is directly proportional to the medium density. Thus the denser the medium… The denser the objects would have to be in order to achieve the same rate of falling.

A basketball and a rock might fall at the same speed in air. However… Drop them in a thicker medium like water… And they will not fall at the same rate. That is because critical density has not been achieved by both the rock and the basketball, in water as its medium.

In a vacuum… Critical density is zero and is the reason why objects of any density fall at exactly the same rate. 

Any medium denser than a vacuum has a greater critical density than zero… Thus the reason why objects that haven’t attained critical density fall slower in certain mediums.

Critical density variation is “gravity.” Darrell Dragoo

“So, an object is dropped from a high altitude, this would not and does not, slow down as it gets closer to Earth.    The object is free-falling and accelerating as it falls due to the laws of density, not because some magical force is “pulling” it down.    There is more oxygen closer to Earth than say twenty miles up, so how does one propose “gravity” explains this and density does not?   Oxygen is a denser gas than nitrogen and the other majority elements in our atmosphere.  Where is the “pulling force” pulling the oxygen down?”

“The rate at which objects rise or fall depends on the resistance (or lack thereof) in the medium surrounding.” ~ E. Dubay


Atmosphere/space Defined – Federal law defines earths atmosphere as up to 25,000 ft high. 75% of earths atmosphere is under 36,000 ft, 7 miles up, therefore earths atmosphere is defined by federal law as under 25,000 ft. Therefore any commercial plane is considered a space craft because they consistently fly above 25,000 ft.

A space station is defined as an object that goes beyond a major portion of earths atmosphere. A space craft is a man made vehicle intended to go beyond a major portion of earths atmosphere.

Therefore all balloon satellites are defined as space stations and all commercial planes are defined as space craft.

Plane Flight – Pilots would have to dip their noses to account for earth curvature. Flying 500mph for ten minutes would require a plane nose correction of 630 ft downward or fly off in space. Pilots would have to be aware of this curvature correction, but it doesn’t exist, and no correction is needed regardless of speed or altitude. Pilots fly over a flat stationary earth. Sensitive Plane gyroscopes indicate neither curvature or rotation of earth.

ROTATIONFelix Baumgartner balloon 128,000 ft took 2.5 hrs to get that high, if earth is rotating at 1000 mph, he should have landed in the Pacific, but he landed only 44 miles east of his launch site, against the supposed rotation and in the wrong direction.

Rotation is belied by fluid dynamics. Volcanic plumes are unaffected by supposed earth rotation. Air planes, weather balloons, hurricanes, clouds in sky, nothing is effected by any alleged rotation in earth. We can not perceive or demonstrate earths rotation in any way, no air currents as consequences of rotation, it is absurd to accept the theory of rotation wich can not be proven.

Snipers special forces army sniper, navy seals sniper, and marines sniper training manuals. There is no adjustment for coriolis effect (earth rotation)


Antarctic – We live in the Antartic basin, surrounded by the Antartic icewall which is the highest land on earth, the center is north pole, north and south are a straight line, east and west moves in a circle, every way away from the north pole is south,

3 baskets – FE, GE, Both – nothing will be only in the GE basket, why?
E-West circum navigation both, going south should only work on ball but not done on FE, they tried 4 times and faked it,

How is it we went to moon 50 yrs ago but now can’t get leave low orbit?

Why are pics of earth from space all photoshopped composite images using ground based observations?

Why was all the original moon footage and telemetry data destroyed?

Why is utube removing true flat earth content and promoting false vids of floating pancake?

Antarctic – To know the total 56 countries just look at the treaty they all sign and never once validated concerning the Antarctic. Why, because they have this treaty to keep all of mankind from seeing the Dome over the earth. The Antarctic wraps around the Flat Earth and is 65-70 thousand miles around. Four Captains of ships sailed and documented it in the 19th Century.

Unexplored area size of US at the South Pole. Antarctic Treaty creates massive travel restrictions. Can’t travel beyond 60th parallel

If outer space supposedly doesn’t have an edge why do we assume God’s flat earth does?

Antarctic Treaty multi natl effort to prevent people from determining what’s beyond the 60th south parallel because they are hiding something big from us and it proves flat earth. Antarctica is the highest continent in the world and shoreline of earth’s oceans. No independent travel allowed below 60th south parallel under guise of environmental protection. It’s rich in coal, oil and uranium.


Lack of North South Navigation

Lunar Eclipse- both sun and moon can be often found above the horizon, which means there is no earth in between the sun and moon which could cause a shadow on the moon.
Shape of shadow is wrong. The red shadow color is wrong. Shadow should come from bottom and rise up.
Solar Eclipse proves flat earth. Sun and earth are shown to be same size.

Lunar eclipses occur when Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light
Earth’s curved shadow on moon during lunar eclipse – its not earth causing the darkening on moon
Sun size should change during day but it doesnt
Rising & setting sun during spring or autumn equinox -angles of sun’s path, should be 90 degree angle
The Autumn Equinox is the first day of the autumn season and occurs when the sun passes the equator moving from the northern to the southern hemisphere. … The Spring Equinox is the first day of spring season and occurs when the sun passes the equator moving from the southern to the northern hemisphere.
-Sunrise on east coast is noon in Africa,


No Real Photos of Earth from Space
1972 image from apollo 17 claimed to be real
2015 image also claimed to be real

2002 interview with nasa employee Robert Simmon – created most famous earth image used everywhere including iphone bg image
Article – https://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/about/people/RSimmon.html
3 min Utube Vid Interview with Simmon tells the whole story – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0I-H5VMBmY

“Its primarily taking data and making pictures out of it”
Admits Simmon created an image of the world “what I imagine it to be”
Video interview Simmons says the land layer comes from Terra spacecraft data, that they removed clouds, says ocean came from data from another instrument, explains how he changes colors throughout ocean to indicate different depths, then they added clouds back in, they painted on clouds, he admits ‘It is photoshopped but it has to be”
he added a specular highlight,
Data Visualizer and Designer Robert Simmon never thought that he would become “Mr. Blue Marble.”

Name: Robert Simmon
Title: Lead Data Visualizer and Information Designer
Formal Job Classification: Senior Program Analyst
Organization He Works For: Code 613, Climate and Radiation Branch, Earth Sciences Division, Sciences and Exploration Directorate
Article Quotes
“Our writers and visualizers explain what we are seeing and our Web developers tell the world.”
“My role is to make imagery from Earth sciences data”
“The last time anyone took a photograph from above low Earth orbit that showed an entire hemisphere (one side of a globe) was in 1972 during Apollo 17. “
“we wrapped the flat map around a ball. My part was integrating the surface, clouds, and oceans to match people’s expectations of how Earth looks from space. That ball became the famous Blue Marble”

Himawari 8 Satellite
Video shows how Himawari composite these images together – https://youtu.be/Xe5bmXT-3kk
How they generate an image with Himawari, is software that, use climate simulation software to wrap flat weather radar maps onto a ball

Looks So Fake It Has To Be Real video

Is Nasa Faking Photos From Space To Hide Flat Earth video
Shows how nasa composites these images together

Professional snipers, surveyors, pilots, engineers, military, radar operators, many interviews with these professionals and none take into account curvature or rotation

Vacuum of Space – the earths atmosphere can’t exist next to a space vacuum, we’re told earth exists in space which is a vacuum, it’s proven that an atmosphere can’t exist next to a vacuum, it would equiliberate, and we would all be dead

Satellites – High altitude balloons – 51,000 ft, 11 miles 63,000 ft, we have video from 121,000 ft showing flat, curvature is only seen with wide angle or fish eye lens

No Space Satellites – not necessary, only have fiber optic cables in ocean, ground based cell towers and high altitude balloon satelites which can carry 8000 lbs, images from Sophia are used as Hubble images

If your world view will not allow you to believe what you can see with your own eyes, then your problem is with your world view. Do you change your world view or live in denial?

Satelites – People claim to see lights in the sky that are the space station and satellites, but satellites are size of a pu truck and not lit, 250 miles away, even if lit by sun, doesn’t make sense.

Satellites – nasa puts up tens of thousands of balloons with satellites hanging on them, nasa controls the worlds supply of helium, and they hide their balloon use,

For centuries they’ve been hiding God’s truth about creation by altering and corrupting truth. There is a great awakening happening now exposing the lies.

The Heliocentric model says the sun is 93 million years away.

Flat Earth Society is a disinformation site
If they lie about everything else, why wouldnt they lie about this too?

Up to 1920 everyone knew earth was flat and were teaching flat earth throughout world in schools up until 1910-20. Eratosthenes (Greek scientific writer, astronomer, and poet, who made the first measurement of the size of Earth for which any details are known c276) was inserted with Heliocentric model

Worshipping Other Gods – Most powerful sun god in Ancient Rome was Sol Invictus which means unconquered sun. They named the solar system after him. Helios was a sun god. All days of week and planets are tributes to various gods that our God of the Bible told us not to honor.

“And in all that I have said to you, be circumspect and make no mention of the name of other gods, nor let it be heard from your mouth.” Exodus 23:13

Even space missions are named after gods such as Apollo, Helios, Artemis. It’s important for the enemy to tribute these gods because it makes the father angry.


Earth supposedly orbits sun at 66,600 mph, curvature .666 ft at 10 miles or 6,666 ft at 100 miles, tilt 66.6 deg,

Why is it that the earth is spinning at 1,000 mph, and orbiting the sun at 66,600 mph, which is hurtling through the universe at 500,000 mph for no reason, and moving sideways at 1.2 million mph, are we able to take a picture in the sky on the same day every year and never see changes in the stars, even for thousands of years??

Earth rotates around sun at 66,600 mph. Add to that dizzying notion the fact that we are spinning (at the equator) at a 1,000 miles-per-hour clip (an action that cause the planet to bulge outward).

33: earth’s tilt, 23.4°, If you subtract 23.4 from a right angle (90°), you get 66.6°,
32: The Earth Orbits the Sun at 66,600 miles per hour -TRUE
31: The Earth’s Circumference is 600x6x6 Nautical Miles
30: The Speed of Sound is 666 Knots Per Second (rounded up 667, rounded down 666)
28: The Curvature of A Square Mile is .666 Feet… in 10 Miles: 66.6 Ft… in 20 Miles: 266.6 Ft… 40M: 1,066.6 Ft… 50M: 1,666 Ft… 70M: 3,266.6 Ft… 80M: 4,266.6 Ft… 100M: 6,666.6Ft…

The Heliocentric Curvature Math is Based on 666
27: The Arctic & Antarctic Circles are at exactly 66.6° in latitude (rounded down, up would be 66.7)
26: Astro-Not Peggy Whitson Spent 666 Days in Space
25: The Distance to the Moon is 6 x 60 x 666 Miles
24: The Diameter of the Moon is 6 x 6 x 60 Miles
23: Sunset is Divided by 3 Degrees (6° + 6° + 6°) aka: “Civil, Nautical, and Astronomical Twilight” – TRUE
22: From Mercury, the Sun is 666 Times Brighter, Using the Inverse Square Law
21: Venus is 464° Celsius or 867° Fahrenheit (The Median of These Two Numbers: 666)
20: Mars is at 1.666 AU (Astronomical Units) from the sun at Aphelion
19: Ceres (Classified as a Dwarf Planet in the Asteroid Belt) Has a 466.6 Day Synodic Period
18: The Comet Shoemaker Levy Collided with Jupiter, Traveling at 6 x 6 x 6 x 1000 Kilometers Hr
17: Saturn’s Orbital Distance is 1,426,666,422 Kilometers or 9.54 AU
16: The Surface Temperature of Uranus is: -6x6x6°
15: The Surface Temperature of Neptune is: -6x6x6°
14: Pluto’s Orbital Velocity is 4.666 Kilometers Per Second
13: NASA’s Budget was $18 Billion (6+6+6)
12: The Speed of Light is 670,616,629 MPH. The Middle Number 616, Some have Claimed Is the Accurate Number of the Beast, instead of 666. The Common Rounded Form… 670,000,000 x .6 x .6 x .6 is also interesting… 144,720,000, because 144 and 72 are Important Biblical Numbers (144,000 Elect and 72 Steps of Jacob’s Ladder to Heaven aka the Stars) 144 Cubits is 216 Feet (6 x 6 x 6)

11: Saturn’s Hexagonal Pole is a 6 sided, 6 pointed Polygon Representing a Cube Containing 6 Triangles (A Hex), and it is the 6th planet

10: A Day is 23 Hours and 56 Minutes, but We Round it to 60 Seconds, 60 Minutes, and 24 Hours (& 2+4 in Numerology is 6), Because Father Time is Saturn aka Cronos (or Crono-logy) the Greco-Roman God of Time, Chaos, and Death

09: Kepler’s 3rd Law Calculates a Planet’s Mean Distance From the Sun, giving the Planet’s Orbital Period Raised to the Power of .666666

08: On the Globe model, the Distance From the Tip of South America, to the Tip of Africa, is 6,660 Kilometers

07: North America is 66.66° Wide on a Globe – from The Furthest Tip to the Other (Key Largo, Florida, to Yesterday Island, Alaska)

06: Eurasia On the Globe Model, From the Lighthouse in Cape St. Vincent, Portugal, Straight Across to the other side of the land mass at the Haicang Bridge in China, 6,066 Nautical Miles

05: South America, on the Globular Map, From the Northern Most Point to the Southern Most Point, is 66.6° Long, and the Line Passes directly Through the continent’s Highest Peak, Mt. Aconcagua

04: On The Globular Map, Africa is 66.6° Wide From its Western Most Point in Dakar to the Easternmost Projection of Somalia. Forming a perfect cross, it is 66.6° High From its Southernmost Point to the Place Where the Line Running due North Hits the Mediterranean, near Benghazi

03: The Logos of Both Google’s GPS system through Chrome and CERN, Both of Which Work With NASA, We Find 666 hidden in plain sight

02: Switzerland Company Maxon Motors Provided the Electrodrives that Power NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity Rovers on Mars. You can contact them at +41 (41) 666 15 00 by phone or +41 (41) 666 16 16 by Fax

01: Earthlings and Life Itself are Made of Carbon, Which has 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons, and 6 Electrons. Revelations 13:16 “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead.”
(NASA: Number of man, Bible: Number of A man).

Occult math! If you look close , not only did the Jesuits not use original math to create Heliocentrism, they used occult math with all planets named after greek gods and 666 as a base number

Saturns orbital distance from the sun: 1.426,666,422 km

Distance from Mars to the sun: 1.666AU

Synodic period of Ceres: 466.6 days = 1.278 earth years

Pluto’s orbital velocity: 4.666km/s

Diameter of the moon: 2160 mi 2160=6x6x60

Earths curvature in one mile squared: .666 ft

Surface temperature of Uranus: -216 deg Fah…6x6x6

The earth is on an axis of 23.4 off of 90 degrees, leaving 66.6 degrees.

The earth’s “poles” are at 66.6 degrees north & south.


Helio Nonsensical Model
You also believe that once there was nothing, and it exploded and created everything, which included our world, and lightning struck an amoeba that mated with another amoeba which became a fish which grew legs and climbed out of the water which mated and became a monkey which became a human

Verses we are in the center of creation, everything we see in the sky is within the earth’s system and must change previous belief in planets, satellites, stars, & trillions of miles, none of numbers make sense.

Why does Elon Musk say ‘You can tell its real cause it looks so fake?’

Stars – Why when we look at the stars in Dec do we see the same stars we see in June? We should be looking in 2 totally different directions.

If ships sail over the curve of the earth why are we able to bring them back into view with high powered lenses as if they never sailed past the horizon ?

With an earth circumference of 24,900 miles at equator why are we able to see things for long distances of 900 miles which should be 1000’s of ft below the curvature horizon?

Horizon – the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet.

Curvature – 8in per mile squared, means curvature causes drop off of 8in 1st mile, 32in 2nd, 6ft 3rd mile, so 6’ man standing at calm ocean edge should only see water for 6 miles, but we can see beyond that, angular resolution of our eyes cause things to disappear
8in x (1)(1) = 8in
8in x (3)(3) = 72in 3 miles
8in x (10)(10) = 800in=66.6 10 mi

Curvature For 100 miles:
8in x(100)(100) = 80,000in 80,000/12 = 6,666 ft

The distance to the horizon in miles from height of an observer is approximately equal to 1.23 times the square root of the height in feet. If a 64 inch tall person’s eyes are at a height of 60 inches or 5 feet, they might be able to see at night, a flashlight laying on the ground at 1.23 the root of 5 = 2.75 miles.

Now with infrared we are seeing things that should be miles below the horizon.

—Satan’s earth, the globe,


Curvature – The foundations of the buildings in Chicago, 60 miles across Lake Erie, can be seen with a powerful telescope; if the earth was curved, that couldn’t be possible.
God’s Green Earth is Flat . . . Curved earth? Maybe through a wide-angle lens. You can’t see the earth’s curvature from the top of buildings, hills, or mountains unless taken with wide-angle lenses.

Guglielmo Marconi, 1901, received radio transmission across Atlantic at 2135 miles would be curvature drop of 527miles, but no drop, came up with the ionosphere excuse.

The curvature can’t be seen at 36k in a plane (and at 36k or any height — the horizon rises to meet — your eye level, this fact can only happen on a Flat Earth). Additionally, no plane flies downward all the time to keep on the curvature, and a gyroscope only works on a Flat Earth, same with surveying equipment. When they laid the railroad tracks across the U.S. they never figure in curvature, why, because until the early 19th Century everyone knew the earth was flat.

Ships drop out of sight because of your eye’s perception. Use a 2,000 mm lens, and they come right back into view.

Check out flight patterns of all airlines; they are that way because of the Flat Earth.


Sun Distance – The light rays from the sunshine down at dispersed angles, if the sun was 93 million miles away its light rays would shine straight down at 90 degrees, yet the light rays shine down at dispersed angles forming an equilateral triangle shape pointing to the true location of the sun. The sun also shines in straight lines across the sea, this is only possible on a Flat Earth.

The sun, moon, and stars are all close, around 3,000 miles away.

There’s a Dome over the earth and the sun, moon, and stars move within them.

The Bible says that in days just before the Second Coming of Christ that deception would be at its worst. Jesus said, be not deceived. This means it’s YOUR responsibility to get off your butt and search for the truth. God will hold you personally responsible for NOT doing so.

Mat 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
Mat 7:8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
Joh 5:39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.



NASA came 1957 about same time Antarctic treaty created, Van Allen radiation belts nasa says we cant go thru them, nasa hired 100,000 companies for Apollo mission to make parts for saturn 5 rocket so every company promotes it, nasa is a jobs program, nobody can speak out against it because they need the $

NASA makes billions off of this BIGGEST lie IN HISTORY (those little rockets they fire off Florida just land in the Bermuda Triangle, there’s actually footage of this happening), and so do 55 other countries do the same to their countrymen.

Institutions such as NASA run on lies with no accountability. These institutions are compartmentalized so nobody has the full picture. Research operations Bloodstone, Paper Clip and NASA origins.

NASA has lied about our cosmology to discredit and invalidate God’s


Haley’s Comet – Proof stationary earth: Haley’s Comet visible for several days, same path, same place, day to night. Destroys H model.

NASA, which in Hebrew means to deceive, are proven liars. Why would you trust them?

Why the censorship and disinformation campaign? There is something they don’t want us to know.?
They put out a mockumentary ‘Flat Earth’ no facts total joke. Promotes the Flat Earth Society which is owned by the cabal was put in place to confuse people who want to learn more.

Disney are programmers with a long history of creating monarch victims.

Generational Families – All space agencies are owned by the same generational families. The same ones who own the media, medical institutions,

Flat earth is not a claim, it’s an observation. The burden of proof is on those claiming globe.

Mind Control – The globe is a necessary part of programming for their new age false belief system which includes extraterrestrials, planets and the hope of exploring space.

They enforce the propagation of disinformation to influence the masses to self enforce the belief system that shapes our reality. They use Agents of Influence … someone who unwitting, under mind control or psychologically motivated to use their positions of power to influence masses… such as anchor men, journalist, celebrities, academics. Many are related.

Science Beginning – The Royal Society is the beginning of modern science. All Royal Society’s founding members were Freemasons, and they can’t be atheists. They are religious, part of the mystery religions. It was a Freemason institution. The people who brought the planetary revolution were all members of one of the oldest secret societies in existence. This is not a coincidence but proof of organized collusion for organizing and maintaining the generational lie.

Sun Worship – The sun is revered by Druids. Book of Enoch chp 8 tells us the fallen angel Baraqajal taught men astronomy and Kokobel taught the constellations. The Kabbalistic tree of life is the knowledge of good and evil.

Helios was the god of the sun … Heliocentric or Copernican model which is a sun centered model with earth and every planet rotating around it. Copernicus, an astronomer, mathematician and Catholic cleric. Alchemy and hermetic magic features in the origins of the scientific revolution. Capernicus, Galileo & Newton were interested in alchemical ideas and hermetic principals.

Light luciferians teach the kingdom of God is literally within us, so the planets must be as well. Stellar worship is tied to the Heliocentric religion.

Planets can be thought of as dimensional not physical. Bible calls them wandering stars made of light and plasma.
Enoch chp 80 warns of the Heliocentric creation ‘the whole order of the stars shall be concealed from sinners and thoughts of those on earth shall err concerning them’. Planets are all named after gods.

Mind Control – Moon flights, lots of mind control programming goin on by nasa and Masonic lodges, Christian Kleinknecht 33 degree mason natl dir of nasa during moon flights.

Organizations practicing trauma based mind control are the backbone of the world we live. Nasa, cia etc. Jesuits use destructive mind control.

The leading astronomers 16th-22st century are Jesuit priests, even the calendar we use today.

Most globe defenders have already had their spirits crushed.

Globe Religion – We are taught by atheists that the earth is governed by physical laws that came from nowhere for no reason, therefore no spiritual laws govern their behavior. This type of thinking leads the world into chaos. Modern science does not have all the answers because it has been occulted.

Globe reduces us to spec of dust in infinite universe where we have no importance. The stationary earth reveals a unique creation of God.

They taught children the globe before that had the ability to think. Look at the symbolism around children is always globe and planets rotating around sun. They promote nasa clothes and means you’re smart. Children don’t question authority and teachers only teach what told to thus continuing the cycle of lies.

1907 John D Rockefeller sr started public education system, medical schools and universities. Why would they lie? Tradition.

Atheists are religious. They wholeheartedly worship the most dangerous religion on earth… the govt. State funded science is their god, and they will believe anything these people tell them, who are agents of the occultists who own the govts. Atheism is a path to spiritual death.

Occultists believe knowledge should be hidden and held by a select few. Satanist, luciferians, dark and light occultists are like ancient psychologists that hold and wield info to exploit those ignorant of it.

The globe is mental insurance that there is no creator except Lucifer, since he created this world. If the earth is flat, the Bible is true and the God of the Bible told the truth. Who do you believe, man or God? The globe is showing you that this is Lucifers world. People believing in the globe matrix are his. When your entire world view is based on Lucifer lies he is your god.

Once freed from the globe lie, all their lies start to fall apart.

When met with anger and hate for not believing a lie note you are not pushing back against logic, you are pushing back against programming.

Mind Control – Education, television and society control how people’s framework of knowledge is built, and these frameworks are built to exclude major truths because they would expose how the establishment is controlling people. The mind puts up a fear based fence to block non approved info from coming in. Propaganda acts as a sealant to make sure programming doesn’t fade.

Psyop is persuasion thru psychological dominance, techniques includes rumor, disinformation and fake news. The globe teaching is a Psyop.

Aliens – Alien abductees … are satanic ritual abuse victims of trauma base mind control some taken to under ground facilities for programming. Groom lake, dreamland or Area 51, has massive underground facilities, used for genetic research. My Shasta in CA programs to make people think they can communicate with aliens, train special forces with mind control. Lucifer enslaved people thru trauma based control. Anyone who steps outside the bounds of programming is attacked. All lies lead to slavery.

We are taught earth is a spinning ball rotating the sun, travelling in space at the speed of 66,600 mph.

There are literally HUNDREDS, if not thousands, of scientific proofs that disprove the spinning sphere shaped earth and prove the stationary and FLAT earth. Here are just a few indisputable