I used to believe that young, conservative, men often shoot and kill as many people as possible, including children that they don’t know, in malls, schools and various US locations for no particular reason other than they enjoy killing people with guns. At least that’s what we’re told and what most believe.

Up until it started happening on a regular basis and I began looking closer, I was buying it too, hook, line and sinker. Why wouldn’t I believe it? If it’s not happening who would be creating these stories and why?

When solving murder cases, the motives we consider are …. money, drugs, greed, grudge from jilted relationship, blackmail, sometimes a stalking situation, or even a very rare occasion, some kind of kinky sex murder fetish.

Random shootings in crowds with NO motive are so rare, and almost never happen organically. When they do happen, who has the motive and capability? Govt. What about a deranged, conservative, white man? Wouldnt that be a likely canidate? Well, perhaps I could believe one event every ten years could happen, but not dozens of occurences each year. No way. Let’s look at it.

We know that CIA and other secret govt and military agencies regularly employ assassins to carry out secret agendas in foreign countries and in US to benefit govt. That’s what they do.

They are also experts in creating fake news events to sway public opinion, start coups, wars, and topple foreign govts. US has been doing this secretly for many decades. They choose a goal such as ‘confiscate guns’ then create the news needed to sway public then broadcast it. They are experts and have unlimited budgets to accomplish these tasks. In their minds, the ends justifies the means.

Armed with incredible technology to create smoke and mirror illusions, computer generated images and videos, amazing disguises, look alike body doubles, paid actors, bribed politicians, ability to fake deaths and put people in witness protection programs, and controlled media, govt creates the news they need to achieve the result they desire.

Remember how hundreds of news broadcasters repeated identical fake stories worldwide during the Covid scam? They also loved using satanic numbers in their stories usually with reoccurring 3’s and 6’s, as well as other secret society signs and symbols, hidden in plain sight, to communicate with one another, and mock us for being to stupid to recognize what they were doing to us.

We witnessed their wizardry on the fake moon landing, Kennedy assassination, 911, Jan 6, and so many of other fake news events such as George Floyd. Remember how hey managed to coordinate all the world govts in one fake event to sell Pharma and enslave the people, the rebranded flu, called Covid ?

If they can fool the world with the Covid scam, complete with empty hospitals (they claimed hospitals were overrun) and synchronized dancing nurses, and they did, these little monthly mass shootings are a piece of cake.

What is the motive behind these random shootings? Govt wants to convince citizens that it would be safer to outlaw guns and take guns from US public, which would allow them to completely enslave us.

Is govt capable of planning, drilling and executing these events making it look like a deranged, white, conservative man did it? YES

How difficult is it for govt to create fake images, fake videos, give actors scripts, and broadcast to media? EASY. They practice these drills often. When they get the drills down, they make them go live.

Is govt capable of creating this propaganda and distributing it worldwide? YES

Is govt capable of pretending deaths occurred when they never happened? YES

Is govt evil enough to actually shoot and kill random children to accomplish their goal? YES

Does govt have the motive and capability? YES

Do all these events, when closely inspected, have obvious clues and red flags that make no sense if events occurred organically, bad actors, lies, that read as untruth? YES!

So why would we believe deranged white guys keep doing mass shootings? THEY AREN’T

So who keeps doing, or pretending to do, these mass shootings? Govt

Why? To convince us to turn in our guns

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