PaySafe Class Action Lawsuit

If you have been harmed by or any of their criminal affiliates, join us in a class action lawsuit against  We are working on a class action lawsuit to recoup damages to all the thousands of small businesses worldwide who are victims of theft by or their criminal affiliates.

If you would like to be included in the class action lawsuit against PaySafe and their affiliate criminal enterprises, please email your story with details to [email protected]

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About is a scam payment processing company cheating small business merchants. Learn more about the PaySafe criminal enterprise, read many stories from others, and if you have been harmed, consider joining our Paysafe Class Action Lawsuit. is a global merchant services provider delivering payment solutions to merchants in over 40 different countries and is known for its deceitful payment services and criminal merchant practices.

Paysafe is a SCAM company who created payment gateway platforms such as skrill, neteller, Clover, iPayment  etc.  All the platforms function in a similar manner with different user interfaces. The majority of Paysafe’s positive reviews are fake.  Paysafe’s platforms and policies allow them to control customers bank accounts, and steal large amounts of money from  customer accounts, and ignore customer complaints.

It appears that PaySafe became the credit card payment processing company for thousands of customers worldwide without customer consent or knowledge. PaySafe then began stealing money from customer accounts. Paysafe’s business model is ripping off small businesses who dont have the resources to defend themselves, but we are putting a stop to these criminals with our class action lawsuit soon to be filed.