is a scam payment processing company cheating small business merchants. Learn more about the PaySafe criminal enterprise, read many stories from others, and if you have been harmed, consider joining our Paysafe Class Action Lawsuit.

Paysafe Scam is a global merchant services provider delivering payment solutions to merchants in over 40 different countries and is known for its deceitful payment services and criminal merchant practices.

Paysafe is a SCAM company who created payment gateway platforms such as skrill, neteller, Clover, iPayment  etc.  All the platforms function in a similar manner with different user interfaces. The majority of Paysafe’s positive reviews are fake.  Paysafe’s platforms and policies allow them to control customers bank accounts, and steal large amounts of money from  customer accounts, and ignore customer complaints.

It appears that PaySafe became the credit card payment processing company for thousands of customers worldwide without customer consent or knowledge. PaySafe then began stealing money from customer accounts. Paysafe’s business model is ripping off small businesses who dont have the resources to defend themselves, but we are putting a stop to these criminals with our class action lawsuit soon to be filed.

Stories by hundreds of customers who have been cheated by Paysafe can be found on at Customers Ripped Off by PaySafe.

My PaySafe Experience

My small business signed up with payment gateway using merchant inc as the payment processor in 2014. The rates charged to our business were reasonable at around 3%. Without our knowledge or authorization PaySafe took over our payment processing, and by the time we discovered it, PaySafe had already stolen approximately $10,000 from our business account, which means they took about 13% of this business income associated with this account without our permission.

We are in the process of trying to get our money back from PaySafe now. We will be adding details to our story as we progress with our attorney.

PaySafe Class Action Lawsuit

Join us in a class action lawsuit against PaySafe. We are working on a class action suit for all the thousands of small businesses worldwide who are victims of theft from and their criminal affiliates.

If you would like to be included in the class action lawsuit against PaySafe and their affiliate criminal enterprises, please email your story with details to [email protected].

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PaySafe Reviews

“Never ever again paysafe. I am trying to retrieve my cash to spend on amazon to no avail. I received an email to say the transaction had failed but when I spoke to an advisor they told me the cash was available. I looked into my transaction history and it stated it had failed but yet the money had gone and after four phone calls I’m no further forward. Use with caution is my advice.” by Penoy Tinker
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“Our business is The Computer Factory, located in San Marcos CA. In the process of moving our business banking from Bank of Commerce to Banc of California in 2020 we discovered that Paysafe/iPayment had been charging our business account for several years. This charge for credit card services started with iPayment in 2016 and continued through the purchase of iPayment by Paysafe in 2018. We never requested or used Paysafe/iPayment credit card processing services nor did Paysafe/iPayment ever provide any credit card services to our business. The initial charge of $30/month eventually escalated to $160.84/month racking up nearly $8,000 in charges over a five and one half year period. We closed the Bank of Commerce account in November of 2020 and attempted to contact Paysafe/iPayment pursuant to requesting a refund of the nearly $8000 in erroneous charges.

After trying unsuccessfully to reach cognizant corporate officers by phone, in February of 2021 we sent registered letters explaining our situation in detail to Marc Monaco and Phillip Ragona at Paysafe/iPayment’s California headquarters in the Westlake Village. These gentlemen were listed respectively as Executive VP/CFO and Executive VP/General Counsel. We requested and received signed Certified Mail Receipts from each. We requested contact regarding the intent of Paysafe/iPayment in dealing with our problem. It’s been four months and there has been no response. In March a collection agency attempted to collect November and December payments for Paysafe. When we explained the situation they immediately dropped Paysafe’s account.

How iPayment originally gained access to our bank account in 2016 remains a mystery. How Paysafe could continue to bill us through 2020 without ever contacting us or providing any services is suspicious Additionally, we found it difficult or impossible to contact any senior management at Paysafe. They have constructed an impenetrable, contact-proof barrier to protect their management from public scrutiny. It is our intent to pursue whatever action is required to expose this mysterious business hiding in plain sight. We will contact state and federal business and consumer agencies and advocacy groups, file legal action to force Paysafe/iPayment to reimburse our losses and use social media to expose this mysterious and perhaps malignant business entity.”
by Paul Van Middlesworth 7/21

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Paysafe is a fraudulent company , 3 times now they ripped me off , but they wont no more… in 2018 i bought 2 x £10 paysafe vouchers from local shop and they blocked me from using them before i had even walked the 10 minutes to home . it took me less than 15 minutes to walk home from the shop logged onto the internet to spend them only to see it all lit up in red saying blocked. i tried for a whole year to get my money back they used every trick in the book to not give my money back , i gave up in the end . then last week i stupidly decided give them another try ( only because i see lots of people use them ) ripped off again , just tried to spend the £10 voucher i purchased only when i typed the code number in it said value £4 so wheres my other £6 paysafe and the £20 you robbed from me back in 2018 i want answers same as all the hundreds of other people you have robbed.”
by Angela Kendrick 7/21

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Skrill PaySafe Reviews

“Skrill stole $ 158,737 from my account. Since skrill is part of this PaySafe i will repeat my message here.An update regarding my review from January.
Nothing has changed, It’s been over a year since Skrill stole my money, I’ll be transparent with you. I have been working as an affiliate generating traffic from my websites and I had a small company in Russia that collapsed due to Skrill, they stole $ 158,737 from my account. Because of this, I started to have serious financial problems, loans from banks, large debts in credit companies, divorce from my wife, etc. I want to note that no one communicates with me from this company, their support is simply terrible, I have been their VIP client for more than 4 years, and the service has not changed, as it was so terrible, it remained terrible. For more than a year, there has been no notification from them. I have filed a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman, I hope they will help. If you can help me, then write me a message, I will be very grateful to you.”
by Yakov 7/21

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“Please stay away from this Paysafe Company. They are the worst. I did not select them as a credit card processor, they were a legacy vendor at a company I started working at recently.

I have been battling them for 2 months…they made us open a new merchant account because of a change in management, they don’t respond to my emails for updates, when they do respond they need 10 more pieces of information, they take a week to get back to me and so on. They are holding my money during this entire period. Paysafe’s behavior is leaning toward being criminal at this point.”
by Dave on 7/21
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by Diogo 6/16/21
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“Skrill had closed my account without notice and without a reason! Upon I complain several times they keep sending me automatic emails as a reply, very unprofessional!
I aware them that I had a deposit 5000$ on a broker and the money has to be refunded on same way, they replied that’s not their problem i have to fix with the broker.

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“Can I give PaySafe negative stars? Don’t trust this company at all. They lie, lie, lie. Another reviewer stated it perfectly they are PREDATORY. Be sure to read every single word of ANY paperwork they give you. Chances are it will be different than what they promised you on the phone. Their rates are EXTREMELY inconsistent and they have hidden fees. Also make sure the rates that are in your contract are what are actually charged on your statement. I have conflicting charges no one will help me with.

Also understand they will be setting you up with a lease for the equipment. I was told if I decided to change that I could use ANY processor with the equipment provided so I didn’t blink at signing the lease. Come to find out it is program to them only.

My fault for being a stressed out business owner during a pandemic trying to save my business and not looking at some of the smaller details. But what they have in emails to me does not match the contract or what I am being billed!


by roomkids on 6/9/21

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neteller customer id 159747419
“I got scammed of 2,68,000 inr of my hard earned money. i got my neteller account verified . then deposited money into my neteller account . on 5th may 21, my account got restricted by them .they asked for verification docs including my id, selfie with id next to my face and my bank statement. i provided all docs multiple times but everytime my docs got rejected for fraudulent reasons by them . now i have recd a mail by them on 6th jun 21 that they have confiscated my funds citing that i have violated their terms of use section 16.4 . i have gone in deep mental and financial stress because of their misconduct and illegal action. i will sue them for my money and compensation.

Paysafe has replied by saying here that they have tried to directly contact me which is not true . They want to maintain their good reputation in the market by cheating innocent people like me . I have not been contacted by paysafe at all after my review so they are making false statements here”
by mohammad yamin on 7/21

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Merchants Stay Away From PaySafe

“I strongly urge merchants to stay away from this company. It was my mistake to blindly trust a company without doing any research, but with integrity and honesty being the basic foundation of running a business, I expected at least that from a company who claims to have been in business for 35 plus years. After a weekend of business, Paysafe held my funds without informing me. I had to call them to find out why my funds had not been deposited to my account and was transferred to the risk department. They then told me that the charges were considered “high ticket”. The salesman from PosPros failed to properly update our average transaction amount so automatically our credit card transactions were flagged. Risk dept demanded that I give them my customer’s address and info (this is after completing the PCI compliance which states that you as a merchant will not retain customer information). When I told the rep from the risk department that would not be possible due to their own PCI compliance, and that it would be a breach of contract, the rep told us to “discreetly record the drivers license information out of view of the client” which is in violation of North Carolina state law. They also wanted me to write them a letter detailing my business model which I did but never got their reply. I continue to call them trying to get this resolved but no one from the risk department wants to help. They continue to dodge my case and keep pushing me off to the next rep. If I ask for the last rep who helped me, they say that they’re either on vacation or out of the office. How convenient.

Two weeks later, as I do every morning, I tried to log into my account and discovered that my account had been terminated without notice by Paysafe. That same week, I found that Paysafe has been trying to collect a $350 early termination fee directly from my bank account. Again, I contacted this company to only be transferred from rep to rep until I got to the risk department again, who told me that I was not responsible for the early termination fee. The risk department claims to not be able to rectify this and that I should be speaking with the customer service rep. The customer service rep then tells me that they can’t do anything and that I should be speaking to the risk department. Is it laziness or incompetence or both fueling this company?

At present, Paysafe has succeeded in withdrawing money from my account which, as they stated, I am not responsible for. I see no alternative but to pursue legal recourse to recover the unauthorized withdrawn amount as well as damages. Use Paysafe at your own risk!”

by Jules D

“The Paysafe “mastercard” barely functions as a creditcard.
It does NOT work with Google pay, Apple pay, Paypal, eBay, Western Union, VKpay, Moneygram, Transferwise and more! None of the big payment platforms accept Paysafe.
If you do manage to add Paysafe “mastercard” to the wallet, it will still be declined as form of payment upon checkout.
Also the “pending” status, interferes with completing transactions, despite having enough balance; The payment ends up “cancelled” due to Paysafe’s lacking speed in approving the transaction. You can not transfer balance from Paysafe anywhere.
Paysafe does not handle worldwide currencies. I can only pay in €. Well that makes the card quite useless to me now.
On top of the €10 fee to obtain the “mastercard” + the annual/monthly fees they charge, adding balance to the Paysafe “mastercard” is way too expensive and inconvenient; Adding balance to the “mastercard” deducts 4% from the added amount. And you can only add balance by buying “Paysafe Credit” in affiliate stores. The online Paysafe retailers charge an extra fee and registration, the physical retailing stores are not always near or open for bussiness.
And ofcourse, after paying a considerable fee to add balance to the account.. They also charge ridiculous fees if you withdraw balance.

Too much hassle, too much expenses, too lacking in functionality. What is Paysafe even good for?

I see no benefits in owning a Paysafe “Mastercard” anymore, i will delete my account before they start charging the next annual fee.

If you were hoping to find a better alternative in “Skrill” or “Neteller”, don’t bother; They are both part of Paysafe.

I think i might try the Я42 card from Openbank instead. It seems a lot cheaper, you get an actual free bankaccount and their customerservice was very transparent and friendly.”
by Lorraine Shu on 5/21

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PaySafe Is A Scam Company

“Paysafe is a SCAM company who created payment gateway platforms like skrill, neteller etc. All platforms functionality are same just a different user interface.Inshort it’s a clone of one another. Majority reviews are fake on trust pilot to increase their reputation, so ignore them. How they scam? They designed their platforms policies which helped them to scam their customers money and block customers rights to express their concerns. Customer normally accept their terms without reading it out while registering themselves on their platforms. They disabled their accounts like mine without any reason. I rearly used one of their platform Skrill for small transactions. One day my account got restricted due to some verifications. I submitted all those documents which they requested for . I called skrill customer support as well but everytime they said, they can’t tell me the exact reason for banning my account. In the end, No matter how much balance you have in your account. They will deduct whole amount in the name of administration fee. This is the last email which I Recievd . “In accordance with the Skrill Terms and Conditions, accepted by you upon registration, an administration fee of 0.45 USD has been deducted from your balance.” by Taha Farooqui

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Refusal to deposit funds for more than two weeks
“We needed to change our merchant service provider due to a change in banks. We closed the account but Paysafe never deposited the last batch/settlement of 5k. We have been on the phone for weeks and now they don’t even answer the phone or return calls. They have repeatedly stated they will take care of it. Paysafe deducted the monthly fees without any deposit of the funds that they have withheld. To be honest I have never seen anything like this with any company. I hope to see the funds soon or take it to the next level. Now they reply that they reached out “directly” and did not.”
by Panther East
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by Carlos Siguencia
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Horror story mental breakdown
“So my experience with this is not so great and let me tell you why : So I got gifted 2 vouchers from a friend, I live in Norway, I gave them as a present further to my mother.. She lives in Romania… So setting up the account was simply horrible, asked a lot of questions like how many devices I have (mind you I don’t like to share my information with unknown sources, which in this case, this company is not even similar with a bank, not that I trust more the banks, but a bank at least has a filiale somewhere open where you can ask someone some stuff and they can’t dissappear overnight..)
Anyway, long story short.. I couldn’t use the vouchers. My mother couldn’t use the vouchers, I ended giving them back to the person giving me this..
The customer service was simply poor, I can’t say they were rude but also not helpful and kind of acting like they don’t care.. The back and forth mails to this company was simply a horror story for me that I don’t want to remember…this is just a warning, as in these hard times, stuff like this can really trigger a mental breakdown… I’m not such a high tech person so Im not so good with technology and also I don’t like to share my private info everywhere and this company now is requiring an ID to use their services.. So comparing with the concurrence they have here in Norway which I’m not gonna mention as this is not appropriate, you can find better, easier services to use, especially if you need gift card vouchers…”

by Vera Vera

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by Ramal Usubov

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Paysafe scammed me $250
“After over two months of sending emails without any response, calling them, and in desperation threatening to sue them, this fraudulent company won’t return $250 worth of Paysafecards that are LOCKED (not redeemed) because a family member got scammed with them. Internet scammers use paysafecard to scam you, because Paysafe are also scammers.

Paysafe, I will fight to the end if you don’t return my money.

If you’ve been scammed, here’s some help.

If you live in Europe, google ‘fin-net’

If you live in the US, I suggest sending them a letter before action and if you have no response, sue them through the Small Claims Court.”

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“Terrible.fustrating in the worst of this has slowed down.i was billed over $5000 during a course of two years.after formally closing the account specifically as requested and acknowledged acceptance of the form. Ahh man how can rich companies exist like that. Taking from small companies like mine. May God have mercy on you.” by Gilbert Alverez
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Your Business account may not be SAFE with Paysafe.
“This company bought out a smaller merchant service I had been using for my small business for some time. During the initial COVID lockdown i was forced to close my business. At that time, I was using 3 Clover Minis for my CC processing and point of sales which were furnished to me with no upfront cost. My original 1 year contract came with one POS and, as long as I did not break the contract, it was mine. So, after the first year, I asked if i could sign another year contract and receive another POS. They were happy to furnish it to me. About 6 months later COVID hit, followed by the lockdowns. Operating a catering/food truck business, we were hit pretty hard. Like every other company trying to survive we were forced to reinvent our operation and started receiving orders from our commissary, with contact free curbside service and delivery availabl, in addition to setting up the food truck across the city and drop-off to full service catering functions. We now had a need for another POS. I called my representative, who still operated under the smaller business name, which i feel no need to mention here. He allowed me to receive another clover mini for virtually nothing. I paid $30 for them to ship it to me and was ready for in-house ordering.
We closed in July. I simply filled out a form they sent me and we were done. No comunications from them at all after. in late November, almost 4 months later, I had a charge to my business checking account that I had intended to leave open for minor accounting purposes until the end of tax season. $930 was drafted out of my account from Paysafe for the two clover mini POS machines. I called customer service to address the situation and told them I still had the machines that they hadn’t asked for, if they wanted them back. They agreed to refund the charges once they received the machines back and told me they would provide me with a FedEx shipping label. About two weeks later, the label came in the mail with no return address or anything distinguishing this envelope as something from them. So, called to make sure this was indeed the shipping label intended for the two minis. while on the phone, I made sure that they would refund the charges once they received the package.
This was in November it is now January 30th and i have yet to receive my refund. The bank is ready to send my account to collections and I cant even speak with anyone in the company other than the first level call center associates. I’ve called numerous times, and, apparently, they never have anyone available to provide support when their employees are not able to resolve an issue with a merchant. I was told multiple times, a manager would call me back or email me as soon as they were able. This last week, facing a potential bad mark on my credit, I would not take no for an answer. And they are good. I hounded these people each day and refused to get off the phone until there was resolution. I was placed on hold for extended periods of time, like 30 to 45 minutes, until I would hag up, or the hold system would time out and forward me directly to a customer satisfaction survey before disconnecting me. I was even hung up on directly. Finally, I was told they never received the minis and therefore I would not receive a refund. They cannot provide me with the tracking number, account number, or even the invoice number for the shipping label, yet they insist they never received it. They even tried to make me think it was my responsibility to find have the tracking number for a label they printed from their corporate business account.
To this day, not one person has tried to contact me about this problem. all the information i just provided was from interactions in which i initiated. None of my phone calls have gone one step past the person who answered it.”
by Benjamin Picket
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Pay safe is a scam….
I bought a £100 pay safe voucher from the shop for the first time. When I got home I found out to use it I had to make an account. I did this, when i entered the voucher details I got blocked this was the first time using the account. Over a week later I’m still nowhere to finding out why I got blocked, I’m only told security are dealing with it. What takes them over a week to unlock my account I’d understand if the account wasn’t new and some suspicious behaviour was going on but I’d never used the account before. I don’t know when I’ll see my £100 I’m sure this can’t be legal it seems like a scam. Absolute joke of a company and thieves. The staff are also very rude and very unhelpful. I feel I’m bangin my head against a brick wall and have a feeling the company are just waiting for me to forget about the money”
by Ryan Eckles
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“This company is an ABSOLUTE SCAM!!! First they sent us a clover processor for free and showed us how much better their rates were than the Square processing system. Then we started getting fees deducted out of our bank account monthly. First it was $85, next it was nearly $200, and then $350. I called customer service, which is an oxymoron, immediately to see what these charges were from. Cierra H agreed to refund $197 in fees immediately and 79.99 after I completed a lengthy survey and scan. After 4 ignored emails over the next 7 days I began to call the phone number she provided. 15 emails and 9 phone calls later I was hung up on by “account manager” Cierra H. She changed the stipulations of giving us the $197 refund and said she issued the $79.99 refund last week. I then asked to terminate the account. She led with “you’re not locked into a lease so that is good!” Then proceeded to tell me we would have to pay a $495 fee for early termination. HA! Do yourself a favor and go with square processing, they are straightforward and honest about their fees. Paysafe/Clover is anything but straightforward. This company is running a scam and the customer service is non-existent. Also if you’re looking for a refund or to cancel, go through your bank fraud line, because that is what this company is. Our bank manager helped us out instantly and did not give us the run around trying to resolve.
PAYSAFE CLAIMS THEY REACHED OUT TO US. THAT IS A LIE!!! Cierra H waived the $495 fee we never signed up for and closed our account. Never saw the refunds she promised were issued two weeks ago. The business is blocked from our bank account due to fraud. WAY TOO LITTLE, WAY TOO LATE.”
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Blatant Lies and Fraudulent Charges
“Was contacted by a sales rep from Edje who told me (what turns out to be) blatant LIES about credit card processing charges, percentages, services, etc. Before service even started I was charged the full gamut of monthly fees for the month BEFORE my service began. I called and that was refunded. The first monthly statement came and the total charges were about TWICE what my previous processor charged. I called and was told (what turned out to be) MORE blatant lies about PCI charges “in lieu of” yearly fees – but the following month, lo and behold, the yearly fee showed up on the statement. For two months some random fee of $39.95 suddenly started being debited from my account. I have still had NO attempt to rectify the situation except an ineffectual email saying that they’d like to keep my business. in a related incident – About a year ago a mystery amount of $19.95 began showing up as a debit against my account. After A LOT of tracing down with help from my bank and parent banking organizations we were able to track it down to one of the affiliates within this organization – They had “somehow” tapped into an account THAT I HAD NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR OR ACTIVATED (although they had received my banking info in order to do price comparisons, etc. THREE YEARS PRIOR!!) I question how many other businesses are being fleeced of money through random bogus charges that appear legitimate on bank statements!!
**Edit – Added after reply by Paysafe –
How did you attempt to contact me? I saw no email, received no phone call. Was this just a standard reply that you send out to all entries here?”
by Frank Iuro
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PaySafe Group iPayment Reviews Complaints

“Absolutely do not do business with this company. Don”t use this company. I signed up with them to kick off sales for my new business that had been in development of a product for 18 months. We landed our 1st sale and were quite excited. We used to process our 1st $8000 order. Upon executing the credit card transaction with, they immediately charged us their $250 transaction fee and then never released the $8k. When we contacted them, they indicated that we needed to provided them with 3-months of bank statements, the customer invoice, and customer sales receipt, which we produced immediately. They took 3-days to review and then decided that they would not approve releasing the funds to our checking account because our bank statement did not show any previous large payments. How stupid, this was our 1st sale! I still have not received a refund of my $250 processing fee. They also treated me poorly upon my 1st contact to try and resolve the situation. This company is horrible!!!”

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“I am single mom and I started a small graphic design business. I already had clients paying with check, but it was an inconvenience for some, so I decided to ad credit card processing. Everything was fine and I had several transactions with my clients, until I was accused of not delivering service or merchandise by a new customer. After faxing all documents to this processor, proving the complete opposite, even a tracking number by UPS proving that the merchandise was delivered, This processor went into my account and withdrew $1500 twice (total of $3000) in one day, and they are withholding over $4700 in customer transactions (total of $7800) and they are not returning my calls now. My bank account is overdrawn and I had no one to turn to. The initial dispute amount with the client is $270, and I even had a letter from UPS proving that the merchandise was delivered. This is putting me and my 2 kids in an awful situation. This processor is scam and they do not listen to their clients (let alone to give us the benefit of the doubt). They withdrew the funds and said that it could take up to 180 days for them to investigate..investigate what???? I gave you proof that it was delivered. This is a tactic used by ### to gain interest by holding funds of hard working Americans. DONOT AND I SAY IT AGAIN, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. We found them online thru


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“I have been a customer of I payment for almost 3 years now. I am patiently waiting a few more weeks to cancel their service. I own a small business that produces replicas of military ordnance. Normally I sell a few a month. Nothing spectacular. Last month, I had a client spend over 4k on replicas, and they used their credit card… Little did they know that I had a 3k limit on my account! Well… I get a call from i-payment saying that my account has been “flagged” as high risk… And that they are refusing to release my customer’s money to me until I can prove (keep in mind that these people supposedly work for me) that I delivered my products!!! I do my replicas on a “to order” basis, so I don’t stock inventory. I produce product to the customer’s specs and wishes. They pay, I order materials, and do the jobs. I tried patiently to explain this to “star”, to no avail. So, I say, forget it, I will ask my client to send me a business check instead, just cancel the transaction. They say they can’t do that. They tell me I have to go in and cancel the transaction myself. This is all happening in a matter of a week… So, I do that, and find out a week later that they charged me 149+ in credit card fees, plus 110 from their “risk” department, just because they can I guess. So I call again and ask why I am being whacked over 250 bucks for a transaction I was forced to cancel after they refused to give me money a client paid for my services. I was told that they incurred credit card fees and they did not feel it is right for them to have to pay for these fees, so I have to pay. Yeah… Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. What sort of business penalizes its users for doing well?!?!? I checked the web for problems with i-payment before I signed with them, but found little or nothing. That’s why I am writing this. From what I read above, I see I am not the only one who is having problems with them “holding” onto their customer’s money. That is a shameful way to operate a business. If anyone wants to start a class action suit, count me my business, time is money, and this company cost me time, and almost cost me a huge order. Thank god my customer had no problems paying by business check. I felt like crap having to explain to them that my screwed up credit card processor would not release the funds… And please could they pay by check. We then had to wait until i-payment felt like returning their money to them… Another week goes by… So, thankfully, my three years with them is up next month, and I will be terminating their employment with me. I highly recommend you avoid this company at all costs!!! (I have to wait for the full three years because in the contract it says that if I cancel within 1 year I owe them 350 bucks and within three years 250 bucks!!! Ask yourself what kind of company needs that kind of extortion fees to keep customers or make money???) they are horrible to their customers and are in it to screw you over if they can. I was treated rudely by “star” and do not recommend their service to anyone.


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“I recently just became a customer of ipayment. We are a well established company that’s been in business over 50 years. After two weeks I saw money taken out of our bank account from ipayment. I called to inquire why. They told me it was an account review they do for all new accounts. It turns out that they withdrew all the transactions we processed for the entire 2 weeks and are holding our money while they conduct their “review” – over $10, 000. This is insane! Practically all our revenue is through credit cards and now we are completely held hostage to this company. What are they thinking?! They never even notified us of any review. Good thing I kept our processing machines from the previous company. I already removed the ipayment machines and switched back. As soon as we get our money from ipayment i’m going to tell them what they can do with their services… Stay very far away from this company. They are horrible.


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“I signed up in july 2016 was told that my fees were $30 a month +1.49% per swipe +5 cents I was like cool I have a really small business i”m just getting started out this is perfect. After the 1st month I was getting fees and was charged 4 times the amount that I was told +3.5% instead of 1.49%. It took me 2 months to get a hold of a person to help me figure out what they were and they still couldn”t figure it out. So I canceled my account and was charged $350 without notice it”s a huge scam!


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