Hospital Isolation + Remdesivir + Sedation + Ventilator = DEATH

We were told hospitals were over-run with sick dying covid patients, yet nurses were practicing and staging live dance routines in hospital hallways. That seemed rather odd dont you agree?

Upon visiting these hospitals in person we found them to be nearly empty. Why would they lie about that?

Those who were brave enough to go to the hospital, at that time, were all ushered into the covid ward regardless of symptoms. Why? We learned that the hospital was being paid huge financial incentives to do so and they were obeying orders from higher up.

Upon entering covid wards, hospital protocol was was such that patients were isolated, given remdesivir, sedated, and put on ventilators. Families were not allowed to visit their loved ones. Placing a patient on a ventilator allowed hospitals to collect huge additional sums of money.

Hospital Covid Protocols Kill

Within 30 to 60 days in hospital covid wards patients died almost every time. All these covid ward deaths were reported as covid deaths, which supported the main stream narrative, even though they died from the protocol, not covid. How do we know this? For one, people who stayed home and didnt go to the hospital covid ward recovered quickly.

I was shocked when I heard that Rob Skiba had entered a covid ward because I thought he knew better, but I was not surprised to find out that only 40 days later he was dead.

God may have allowed this tragedy to occur so that many others would learn from it and lives would be saved. Rob’s wife, Sheila, wrote a book detailing her family’s tragic experience called ‘The Protocol That Kills’. She requested help getting the word out which is why I wrote this article featuring her book.

Rob pleaded with them not to be intubated (ventilator) but, because they successfully isolated him from family, the hospital ventilated him anyway which killed him.

This book is saving lives and should serve as a warning for the next plandemic that Im sure will be coming soon.

Get your copy of ‘ The Protocol That Kills ‘ at, and share it on social media, as I have done, to get the word out, to save lives during the next plandemic coming soon.

We miss and love you Rob.  God bless the Skiba family and all the other families who have suffered similar losses.

Please share your experience, strength and hope in the comments below as we rely on God and fight government tyranny together.