Earthquakes make gold veins in an instant

Pressure changes cause precious metal to deposit each time the crust. moves.Scientists have long known that veins of gold are formed by mineral deposition from hot fluids flowing through cracks deep in Earth’s crust. But a study published today in Nature Geoscience1 has found that the process can occur almost instantaneously — possibly within a few tenths of a second.
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Rapid Gold Deposits New Guinea

The home of one of the biggest gold mines in the world, a Pacific volcanic island, is challenging the way geologists think about history’s most coveted metal. Before now, geologists outside creationist circles believed that gold deposits only form over long periods of time, perhaps hundreds of thousands to millions of years. The Lihir gold deposit in Papua New Guinea is quickly changing that.

Greg Hall, a geologist who has worked for the mining company Placer Dome, told New Scientist, ‘My gut feeling looking at Lihir is that it formed in the same time it took Mount St Helens to blow up—a month, a day, maybe as short as 5 hours.’

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Real Precious Opals

3 months hand mined in lab in Australia real precious opal formed in months

Real Diamonds

make gem quality diamonds up to 10 carats in a day in a lab with heat and pressure. Only takes 2-8 hours for Kimberlites (materials containing diamonds) to come to earth’s surface


coal from simple heating of wood in mere months

South Pole Ice Accumulation

about the flag, tent and sledge left at the South Pole by Antarctic explorer Amundsen in 1911 now being more than 12 m (40 ft) under the ice

Sedimentary Rock

Is there any way to date a rock? No.

That is why many are ‘amazed’ to hear of facts like 180 m (600 ft) of layered sedimentary rock built up in months after the Mount St Helens eruption on 18 May 1980.

Grand Canyon could have been cut in one year. 100’s of layers of dried out mud. Doesnt make sense that each layer was an individual flood, because no soil horizons, or V shaped erosion marks, no animal holes, no root holes between rock layers proves they were all deposited ast one time during the flood of Noah.

Rapid Stalactites|Stalagmites

Although these fantastic features are commonly thought to represent perhaps tens of thousands of years or more of groundwater action,1 there is much evidence that they can form rapidly under certain conditions.

Sequoyah Caverns, south of Chattanooga at Valley Head, Alabama, has fast-growing formations. Director of the caverns, Clark Byers, cemented a clear plastic panel in front of some stalactites in April, 1977, to prevent tourists from breaking them off. In less than 10 years the stalactites grew about 25 centimetres (10 inches or one inch per year).

DC Stalactities – A photograph taken in February, 1968, shows a curtain of stalactites growing from the foundation ceiling beneath the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Some of the stalactites had grown to five feet long (a metre and a half) in the 45 years since the memorial was built in 1923.

Australia’s Jenolan Caves in New South Wales, a lemonade bottle was placed below a continually active stalactite in the ‘Temple of Baal’ in 1954. In the following 33 years a coating of calcite about three millimetres thick has formed on the bottle. The same amount of deposit has formed since development in 1932 of the Ribbon Cave in the jenolan system. At this time pathways were cut through areas of flowstone. Water flowing down the sides of these cuttings over the past 55 years has built up the current deposit.

Because of the evidence for fast-growing stalactites now becoming available, we can safely conclude that the world’s beautiful limestone cave formations may not have needed countless thousands of years to form. These spectacular formations could have formed quite rapidly in just a few thousand years—a time framework consistent with the view that they were formed during the closing stages of, and after, the worldwide Flood of Noah’s time.
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The Lost Squadron

Deeply buried missing planes challenge ‘slow and gradual’ preconceptions.
From a secret US Army air base in Greenland, six P–38 Lightning fighter planes and two gigantic B–17 Flying Fortress bombers
Heading east over the polar icecap, they ran into a massive blizzard.
crash-land on the icy wastes of Greenland’s east coast

None of the discoverers thought that the planes could possibly be buried under more than a light cover of snow and ice. And why would they? After all, the impression the general public has is that the build-up of glacial ice takes very long time periods—thousands of years for just a few metres

the Lost Squadron P–38 was salvaged —under circa 75 m (250 ft) of solid ice!

Radiometric Dating

Uranium lead, potasium argon, carbon 14, there are over 80 of them, none of them work, dating technique based on false assumptions, Noah’s flood would drastically change the carbon cycle so wouldnt work, major contradictions using different dating methods on the same rock, Sunset Crater AZ volcanic eruption happened 900 yrs ago , but native artifacts found in lava flow were dated 230,000 yrs using Potassium argon  900 vs 230k !!

Australian volcanic rock inside is burned wood (charcoal), hermetically sealed with no contamination, used carbon 14 dating aged 45000 for charcoal and potassium argon dated 37 million yrs for the rock but they have to be the same so crazy wrong

Hawaiian Volcanos – 1801 eruption lava flowed 2.6 miles down to ocean bottom, so this material was known to be 20 yrs old, potasium argon dated it at 2 miles down 12 million yrs old and at 2.6 miles down 21 million!


Polystrate Fossils – Coal

usually tree trunks or bone, penetrates 2 or more layers of the fossil record, coalified Australian tree trunk, no roots or top, didnt grow there, remember old story 36o mil yrs ago trees fell in swamp and so little oxygen  turned to coal, later proved false,

natural gas, coal and oil is only found between layers of dried out mud or sandstone, 200 ft thick layer of pure anthrasite coal in Utah tells us must have been a 2000ft layer of logs and vegqtble material to be compressed down to 200, only worldwide flood would produce this at one time in one place

In WVA a copper bell was found in 1944 in coal that was dated to be 300 mil yrs old the bell as dated as pre-flood, was trapped in the coal by the flood


4 months teddy bear fossil in tems river england, water over limestone rock fossilizes stuff that people hang there,

man made rope fossilized in 2 weeks,

fish fossilized in less than 5 hrs Brazil 1989, instantaneous fossilization suspected to be cause of death,

Helium missing from earth atmosphere – produced by decay of radioactive material in earth crust, escapes in atmosphere and stays here,  there is only enough for earth atmosphere to be less than 2 mil yrs so earth cant be 4.6 bil yrs old as they say

Too much salt in Jordan river dead sea to be old – 31-37% salt, would take less then 13k yrs to accumulate,

Moon moving away too fast – 2 inches per year, law of gravity, go back in time it would have hit the earth 1.4 bil yrs ago, they say earth & moon are 5 bil yrs old, same age, would mean the earth was attacched to the moon for 3.6 bil yrs, when moon moves back towards earth tides get higher,

Starlight takes billions of yrs to get here? taught speed of light is a constant, but thats false, its been slowing down since 1675, we can stop it, start it, speed it and slow it, so its not a constant, concluded speed of light in recent past was a 10 million times faster than is today,effects how long it takes light to arrive from distant objects,

Galaxies rotating too fast –


Grand Canyon

After a four-year court battle, a geologist has been granted permission to collect samples from the Grand Canyon which he hopes will prove that Noah’s flood took place less than 6,000 years ago. An MIT scholar, a religious Jew who combines Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and science, makes a strong case for the flood theory and pokes holes in its biggest opponent – the theory of evolution.

Dr. Andrew Snelling, the head geologist for Answers in Genesis, plans to conduct experiments, requiring collecting 50-60 half-pound rocks from the Grand Canyon National park, proving that the Grand Canyon was carved out of stone rapidly during the process that occurred as a result of the global flood during the time of Biblical Noah.

This slow theory of evolution is thoroughly rejected by Dr. Lee M. Spetner, an applied biophysical physicist with a Ph.D from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who also happens to be an observant Jew. Dr. Spetner, who accepts the Biblical version of the story of Noah as it is written, was inspired by the Rabbi David Luria, a 19th century Lithuanian kabbalist who calculated that there were 365 originally created species of beasts and 365 of birds.

“The Neo-Darwinists have pulled the wool over our eyes for over 100 years,” said Dr. Shalom Kelman of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, “Spetner has proven them wrong.”

John Whitmore is Professor of Geology at Cedarville
University. He has been at Cedarville since 1991.
He earned his Ph.D. in biology with a paleontology
emphasis from Loma Linda University. He developed the
Bachelor of Science in geology and Bachelor of Arts in
geoscience majors at Cedarville


Steven Austin – Young Earth Old Earth Ph.D., is an adjunct instructor at Cedarville University, Ohio
Grand Canyon sandstone, limestone, and shale strata are recognized as containing fossilized marine organisms that died violently during rapid burial when ocean water was over the continent. Therefore, a flood interpretation proceeds easily from what we see at Grand Canyon. The erosion of Grand Canyon likely occurred during the years after the global flood.




The Bible clearly teaches that a global Flood covered the earth in Noah’s day, a few thousand years ago, breaking up ‘the fountains of the great deep’.  Such a powerful event would have triggered immediate and ongoing volcanic activity throughout the earth. It would have been during this time, and afterwards, that many gold deposits formed, including the Ladolam deposit.

As scientists learn more about the earth, it becomes increasingly clear that long-age theories don’t always hold ‘flood water’. Instead, we’re finding that the Creator’s Book was accurate all along.